To the editor,

Might there come a time when Republican propagandists refrain from inviting us Democrats to “get over” President Trump’s presidential victory? OK, I must admit that I don’t get out as much as I should, and maybe I should watch more C-SPAN programming, but I have yet to encounter anyone – fish or fowl, actually or virtually – who doesn’t fully accept Trump’s victory, in accordance with the record of the latest Electoral College’s vote. 

The Socratic dictum is “Know thyself!” Not: “Let others inform others of who you are!” I know! I looked it up!

In general, instead of telling the easily-led amongst us, of whatever political ilk, what Smith or Jones or Robinson thinks or says, and ascribing motives for his or her putative beliefs, might individuals be allowed to represent themselves?    

Just wondering.

Dick Behling

Cottage Grove

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