Tanya Buckingham will seek the Dane County Board District 24 seat representing parts of Madison and Monona.

A longtime resident of the district, in both Madison and Monona, Buckingham said she values the vibrancy and welcoming neighborhoods.

She describes the community as, “an extension of our home, with destinations that provide a reason to be outside. Particularly important to me is the healthy and friendly community that is teaching my kids to be confident and independent.”

Current Supervisor Robin Schmidt will not seek another term.

“I am eager to bring my energy and time to the constituents of District 24,” Buckingham said. “I look forward to applying my experience to continue the critical work of protecting our lakes and parks, sustainable building, and equal access to success, mental health care, and transportation for all Dane County residents.

“Supervisor Robin Schmidt has done an incredible job representing our district for the last 10 years, and I look forward to building on her legacy.”

Bucking-ham has held leadership positions in many or-ganizations, including nonprofits, a design firm and a large public university department.

“My work experience has provided me an opportunity to build skills that I think will be valuable to the work of the Dane County Board,” she said. “From balancing the needs and wishes of multiple agencies to providing opportunities to engage in the process, I look forward to getting to work.”

Buckingham is the creative director of the Cartography Laboratory, within UW-Madison’s Geography Department. She works with students, training them to manage and design projects in a hands-on environment, then assists in their transitions into careers. As a geographer, she is trained to research patterns in human behavior and make data-driven decisions.

Buckingham lives in Monona with her husband and two children.

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