A new ad hoc committee will be charged with recommending a name for the elementary school that will be built in Cottage Grove, as well as review the names of other schools in the district.

The Monona Grove School Board was expected to create the committee at its Wednesday, Dec. 11, meeting.

“In Dane County, there are a lot of new buildings going up, so we’ve looked at area school districts and how they’ve approached the naming of their schools,” Superintendent Dan Olson told the school board last month. “We’d like to have something in place by the end of summer.”

The school will be for Cottage Grove students in grades 3-5 and is expected to open in the fall of 2021.

Olson suggested the committee also review the names of existing schools. He said the original recommendation for Glacial Drumlin School was Glacial Drumlin Middle School. The word “Middle” was dropped, because the building was not a true middle school when it was created 11 years ago.

“Not to say that we should add it back in, but I think it is worthy of discussion,” Olson said. “Now that it will become a true middle school, do you want to call it that or not?”

Olson said a review of the name for Cottage Grove School could be reviewed, too. When CGS was built, it was the only elementary school in the village, so the name made sense. Now, with the new elementary school and Taylor Prairie School also in the village, he asked whether it made sense for one school to be called Cottage Grove School when the other two are named something else.

Finally, he suggested the committee review the use of descriptive words like elementary, primary and intermediate in the names of schools. Other than Monona Grove High School, the other district schools do not use the descriptive words.

Board member Susan Manning wants to be sure committee members have all the background they need about the schools and the names, so they don’t make arguments that aren’t factually correct.

Construction on the new elementary school will begin in 2020.

“Ultimately, the board will make the final decision and vote on whatever we name choose,” Olson said.

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