To the editor,

As a subscriber to the Herald-Independent, I was disappointed to see Rep. Gary Hebl trot out the discredited argument about global warming (now called climate change) increasing the intensity of hurricanes.

In a journal article titled, “Continental U.S. Hurricane Landfall Frequency and Associated Damage,” the American Meteorological Society reports that there has been no increase in the intensity or the number of hurricanes hitting the U.S. since 1900. What has greatly increased is the damage and cost, because our capitalist economy has made many more people affluent enough to live or have vacation homes in coastal areas. And the federal flood insurance program will rebuild their seaside villas any number of times, at your expense.

The fact is that thanks to fracking and natural gas, the United States has greatly reduced its carbon output in the last 20 years, while carbon emissions in the rest of the world have grown exponentially. You might Google, “All the World’s Coal Power Plants in One Map,” and take a hard look at China and India versus the USA. Naturally, they would like us to destroy our economy and beggar our middle class and will make all sorts of empty promises of future action to get us to do so, while opening many new coal plants every year.

Ask yourself if climate change (and income inequality) were really problems, or if the sea was going to engulf coastal areas in 10 years, would Barrack Obama have purchased a $15 million ocean front mansion and estate for his family?

Robert A. Hall


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This letter is an irresponsible omission of facts. Namely, the study cited by Mr. Hall doesn't make any claims about global warming or climate change - it merely states that by their analysis there hasn't been an increase in hurricanes. But the organization who published the study he holds up to supposedly his point - the American Meteorlogical Society (AMS) - overwhelmingly believes climate change is happening and is driven by human activity.

To quote the organization's press release, "Nearly all AMS members(96%) think climate change –as defined by AMS–is happening,with almost 9 out of 10 (89%) stating that they are either ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ sure it is happening.Only 1% think climate change is not happening, and 3% say they don’t know."

Further, "A large majority of AMS members indicated that human activity is causing at least a portion of the changes in the climate over the past 50 years (see summary for details)....Conversely, 5% think the climate is caused largely or entirely by natural events".

I'll take their word, and their research, over an flimsy inference based on a real-estate deal.

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