Paul Brost

Paul Brost

Monona Grove High School principal Paul Brost announced his retirement at the end of the current school year.

“It has been a privilege to serve the students, families and staff of this school district for 16 years,” Brost said. “My time as principal of MGHS has been very fulfilling. I have been fortunate to learn from colleagues at the district and building level over this extended period of time. I am very appreciative of that opportunity.”

Brost began as principal of Monona Grove High School on July 1, 2004. He was named Wisconsin’s Principal of the Year by the Department of Public Instruction and the Association of Wisconsin School Administrators in 2015.

“I will greatly miss the daily interactions with students and teachers,” Brost said. “That was the wonderful part of being a principal.”

Superintendent Dan Olson said Brost will leave big shoes to fill.

“There is no question that Dr. Brost will have a lasting impact on our students and our district,” he said. “He has been instrumental in improving shared leadership, building academic growth and strategic planning.”

Applications will be accepted through March 6, and the contract for the new principal will begin July 1.

The specific timeline for interviews and when a recommendation will be forwarded to the school board is still being finalized.

The job requires the five or more years of teaching experience. It prefers but does not require demonstrated successful experience as an elementary or secondary school principal.

No salary has been announced for the new principal, other than the job description wording of “competitive commensurate with prior experience.

Brost’s current annual salary is $135,523.

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