Tabby and Jack’s Pet Supplies and Holistic Services celebrated the grand opening of its fourth retail store this past weekend, kicking things off with a ribbon-cutting ceremony organized by the Monona East Side Business Alliance (MESBA).

“We are thrilled to have this pet store on Monona Drive,” said Kristie Schilling, executive director of MESBA.

The store, located at 4116 Monona Drive in the Lake Edge Shopping Center, opened May 1, but employees have been setting the store up since the start of the year.

“Planning started in January,” said Terry Lowe, manager of the Middleton store. “Managers from all three locations were involved.”

Ashley Byer is the manager of the new store. She had previously served as manager of the Stoughton store, but because she lives in Monona, she wanted to manage the new retail store.

“We do grooming, and we have day care, and some play groups on Saturday,” Byer said, in addition to the store’s offering of pet supplies and food.

Day care is offered weekdays and is managed locally by Holly Cegielski.

The business has about 30 employees, most of whom work at more than one store, Byer said.

“It works great when we open a new store because then we have experienced staff,” owner Michelle Lonegran said.

The first two of the four stores opened in Fitchburg and Middleton. Owners were keeping an eye out for a fourth location when Lake Edge Shopping Center had a vacant store.

“We think it’s a great area, an up and coming area,” Byer said. “The whole east side is really.”

Lonegran opened Tabby and Jack’s on Sept. 19, 2007, with the goal to provide healthy pet food, treats and supplements.

Her parents were one of the original founders of Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in Rockford, Illinois, more than 30 years ago. Her parents’ involvement with animals led to the start of their family business, Charjan’s Distributors Inc., a natural pet food distributor.

Prior to opening Tabby and Jack’s, Lonegran worked as a business banker for more than 20 years.

The store caters to a variety of pets.

“Anything fluffy and furry, but no feathers,” Lonegran said.

The store does not sell pets, and day care is limited to dogs.

“We’re just overwhelmed with all the support we’ve gotten over the last month since we’ve been here,” Lonegran said. “We’re really, really excited to be here.”

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