New carpet on the horizon

The upper level of the Monona Public Library will be closed for the first two weeks in December as contractors will replace all the carpeting. Limited library services will be available in the lower level during that time. More details will be announced closer to December.

Complete details are still being drawn up, but Monona Public Library officials expect the upper level of the building to be closed for about two weeks when new carpeting is installed in early December.

Ryan Claringbole, library director, told the Monona City Council on Sept. 3 said he expects some services to still be available on the lower level.

“My plan is for the upper level to be closed off to the public and to the staff but to keep the lower level open to the public,” he said. “We’ll have kind of like a condensed library. We’ll have of the collection available, holds to be picked up, maybe some new items and maybe some children’s items.”

Claringbole said storytimes and evening programs are expected to continue, public Wi-Fi to still be available, and one or two public access computers to be operable.

“People can come and still do their work, still talk with one another as members of the community,” he said. “I do anticipate this project to last roughly two weeks, so that upper level would be closed the first half of December.”

The Monona City Council is expected to vote Monday to accept the low bid of $67,432 that was offered by Halverson Carpet Center to replace the carpet. Sergenian’s Floor Coverings bid $68,500, while Continental Flooring Company bid $73,303.

Approved in 2018, the project budget of $91,844 includes the removal, purchase and installation of new carpet, which is the work covered in this bid, as well as the removal of all shelving, furniture and technology and the return of those items after the new carpet is installed. Excluding the carpet bid, the budget balance is $24,412.

“That remaining balance is going to go towards a moving company that will be coordinating and assisting with moving all the furniture, shelving and all the items,” Claringbole said.

The library director said he expects to stay within budget. One estimate was more than the $24,412, but he is working to adjust the parameters to keep it within budget.

The library collection includes more than 80,000 items, including books, videos, magazines and other materials.

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