A longstanding agreement between the Monona Grove and Madison school districts was declared invalid by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI), but local officials will seek a waiver of the law to resume to the agreement.

Since 2012, when the Madison Metropolitan School District agreed to rent Maywood Elementary School in Monona for its Spanish language immersion school – Nuestro Mundo Community School (NMCS) – up to five MG kindergartners have been allowed to enroll at the school each year.

DPI officials, who approved the 2012 agreement and the 2018 renewal, now said this process is not recognized in the charter school statute, and that if the districts want to continue the process, they must seek waivers of the requirements in the statute.

The Monona Grove School Board on Wednesday, Feb. 12, unanimously agreed to apply for the waiver. The Madison School Board is expected to take up the matter later this month, and Madison administrators are in favor of the continued agreement, MG Superintendent Dan Olson said.

Nuestro Mundo is authorized through a charter contract with Madison Metropolitan School District (“Madison”) that provides a dual language immersion program for all students.

NMCS is currently at capacity and on a yearly basis receives more applications than there are available seats. Consequently, every year, Madison conducts a lottery with its resident applicants on behalf of NMCS.

In addition to the Madison students eligible to attend NMCS, the agreement with Monona Grove provides that each year, up to five students who live in Monona Grove may enroll in the NMCS kindergarten class without participating in the lottery and without being required to apply for open enrollment into Madison.

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