Cottage Grove Village Board members voted Monday to rezone 53.7 acres of Monona Grove School District-owned land to accommodate the building of a new elementary school. A conditional use permit, site plan and certified survey map were also approved.

Groundbreaking for the new school won’t happen until the spring of 2020, and the school for grades 3-5 is expected to open in September 2021.

The new school will be north and west of Glacial Drumlin School. The visitor entrance and parking lot will be from Buss Road, and a connecting road will loop around to connect to Glacial Drumlin School.

While plans for the school are far from being finalized, the school will be two stories with academic space on both floors. When it opens, it will have a 700-student capacity.

Voters in November 2018 approved a $57 million building referendum that included money for the new school as well as classroom renovations at Taylor Prairie School, Cottage Grove School and Winnequah School; a new entry canopy at the main entrance of Cottage Grove School; a more secure main entrance and office, and library improvements at Winnequah School; improvements to the cafeteria, serving lines and fitness room at Glacial Drumlin School; upgrades to the fitness room, track, athletic field and media room at Monona Grove High School; and a more secure main entrance and office at MG21.

At MG21, changes are also being made to accommodate the middle school students who will attend classes there beginning this fall. In the works now are improvements for a secured entry, including a reception area and office; the creation of a connection between classrooms; kitchen renovations; and increased accessibility to bathrooms.

Other projects underway in the schools include districtwide maintenance items, a partial roof replacement at Monona Grove High School, ceilings and window repair at MG21 and music room repairs at Winnequah School.

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