Oakstone Recreational Facility owners are expecting to begin serving their customers Sept. 3, and if construction continues as smoothly as it’s been going the past few months, they should easily ace that date.

“That’s our target date at least for (volleyball) leagues,” owner Tim Davidson said. “They do offer a partial occupancy in case we just wanted to open the gym, but our plan is still focused on getting everything ready to roll and be open on the third.”

Owner Josh Vinluan said six crews are working on site at any given time, and on a recent day, they were installing the fire suppression system and the HVAC in the gym and framing the inside walls of the restaurant.

The bar and restaurant will feature two indoor volleyball courts, two outdoor volleyball courts and meeting rooms. It will encompass 14,000 square feet of interior space and will also offer patio seating. Oakstone Recreational Facility is at the northeast corner of Commerce Parkway and Erb Road.

Business owners are Josh and Jenn Vinluan, Joe Kotlarczyk and Davidson.

The name Oakstone is derived from a combination of stret names in Lake Mills, where the Vinluans live. They live on Oakbrick Drive, and their best friends are on Stonefield Drive. When they get together, it’s often referred to as the Oakstone Christms, Oakstone Thanksgiving or Oakstone date night.

Josh Vinluan said they decided to stick with the name for the business, too.

The owners will have a built-in customer base with the volleyball leagues that will play there.

“Everything we’re running is going to be our own leagues,” Davidson said. “We’re 60 percent full, but we’re still taking signups, though.”

They are aiming for 20 teams, playing across four nights each week.

“We can have leagues going into October,” Davidson said. “It goes ’til it snows.”

Competitive and rec leagues will be played Tuesday through Thursday.

Mondays will offer what they call a mad hatter league. Each duo of a man and woman is paired up with two other couples each week, and the matching up of couples changes each week.

The flooring of the indoor courts is made of event-quality materials, so events like weddings, bands, banquets and similar events can be held Friday through Sunday, Vinluan said.

“For a wedding, these garage doors open up to the patio,” Davidson added.

The entire building has a capacity of 900 people.

“The plan is to be able to run like an expo or something out of here, too,” Davidson said. “You can get a lot of traffic in and out.”

Vinluan pointed out that Oakstone is still going to be a place where someone can stop in for a burger and drink. Davidson said the restaurant is situated in such a way that you can enjoy your meal and not be distracted by the volleyball games going on at the same time.

Vinluan said management staff is in place, and Davidson said they hope hire Cottage Grove area residents as servers, bartenders and cooks, with everyone in place for opening day.

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