To the editor,

As a 50-year Monona resident who has walked, run and ridden our roads both as a child and with my own­­ children, as a taxpayer who is struggling to afford Monona property taxes, and as a citizen of the world who is deeply concerned about climate change and the destruction of natural resources and beauty, I implore the city of Monona, do not accept the proposed Pedestrian & Bicycle Improvements Plan.

Questionable Plan

– This plan, from the very first stated objective, is biased towards adding sidewalks and therefore removing trees and green space.

– The report’s gap analysis (page 11) shows that the sidewalk system received the lowest “importance” score of all 10 priorities listed. Sidewalks are not a community priority.


– Our taxes are already extremely high and are increasing due to the Monona Grove schools’ referendum. We cannot afford to take on this additional financial burden. This plan is not a fiscally responsible use of our community’s resources.

Impact on natural beauty and the environment

– Monona prides itself as a Tree City. This plan will cut down large numbers of trees to allow for more concrete.

– Local real estate agents have shared that Monona’s tree canopy, beautiful gardens and overall natural beauty are a primary draw for prospective residents. This plan will have a dramatic negative impact on one of our top assets.

– We live in a world that is being forever changed due to climate change. Scientists are begging the world to take this seriously. We need more trees and less concrete; this plan does the opposite.

Request the city council send the Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements Plan back to committee with the following direction:

– Remove the mandate for sidewalks from the plan objectives. 

– Add environmental and natural aesthetic protection to the plan objectives.

– Improve community involvement and communication.

– Implement items with consensus and lower financial impact (remove bumpouts, improved speed regulation, better street marking, etc.) prior to plan approval.

Please do not accept this expensive plan with questionable justification. Please do not sacrifice Monona’s natural beauty for a plan that does little to improve safety. Please do not cut down trees and add pavement when our world so desperately needs more trees and less pavement. Reject this plan and send it back to committee.

Kurt Studt


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Monona residents, please consider signing this petition before 8/19. Include the street you live on in the comments if possible.

If anyone would like to take petitions door-to-door send me a PM, and I can provide hard copies. We particularly would like input from residents on the following streets that are tagged for new sidewalks or paths:

Winnequah Road (all of it)

McKenna Road

Frostwoods Road

Bridge Road

Winnequah Trail

Greenway Road

Progressive Lane

Rothman Road

Schluter Road

Maywood Road

Gordon Avenue

Wallace Avenue

Lofty Avenue

Coldspring Avenue

Owen Road

Waterman Way

Schofield Street

Midmoor Road

Pheasant Hill Road

Sylvan Lane

Ford Street

Falcon Circle

Shore Acres Road

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