Cottage Grove village trustees agreed with the recommendation of the plan commission and approved the preliminary plat for the Shady Grove subdivision Monday.

The preliminary plat covers only the 56 single-family homes in the subdivision that rests on the south side of Cottage Grove Road at Buss Road. Plans for the duplexes, fourplexes and multifamily building are not being forwarded now.

Attorney Robert Procter of Axley Brynelson represented property owner Mary Sharata at the July 10 plan commission meeting at which a public hearing was held.

“We brought the new preliminary plat forward. As staff has pointed out, it’s practically identical to the concept plan that as part of the conditional approval,” he said. “One of those changes was changing Buss Road to 100-foot right of way.”

The right-of-way had previously been 66 feet.

“I think it’s absolutely critical that we keep this moving,” Procter said. “The village has had six single-family permits pulled this year. It’s on pace for 12, probably less than 12, because when the winter comes, there’s probably not going to be a lot. As most of you know, Dane County is the fastest growing county in the state, and Cottage Grove is almost showing a negative growth so it’s time to get some single-family lots approved and ready for building.”

The plan extends Buss Road through to the south side of the plat, allowing it to continue to Vilas Road if the land to the south is ever developed. The Buss Road and Cottage Grove Road intersection will also be more closely aligned with Buss Road to the north expected to be shifted slightly to the east to accommodate this.

Increased traffic is also expected on Buss Road north of Cottage Grove Road when the Monona Grove School District’s new elementary school opens in September 20121. A traffic impact analysis shows that stop lights at the intersection are probably needed, although a roundabout could be another possibility.

In April, the village board approved a concept plan for the subdivision that included a rezoning request for the single-family lots, outlots, and the park and open space. Rezoning of the single-family lots was conditioned on preliminary and final plat approval.

Erin Ruth, village planning director, said it is expected the developer will request the final plat be approved by the plan commission in August.

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