The Monona Grove Education Foundation is managing a campaign to raise several million dollars to improve athletic facilities at Monona Grove High School.

All told, the foundation’s goal is to raise $6.3 million. Broken into two phases, the first phase total project cost is $5.4 million, and the second phase cost is $900,000.

Projects in the first phase include a synthetic turf multipurpose track (paid for the Monona Grove School District with referendum dollars and other funds); a new plaza, entryway and ticket booth; an expanded bleachers and press box; a new storage building; a new, synthetic turf multipurpose practice field; and new and relocated field events.

The second phase would involve new tennis courts.

Students, athletes and the community would be able to use the two synthetic turf play surfaces in ways that are not available right now, according to the promotional website. Weather, field damage and unavailable green space will no longer be an issue. These fields will be available for youth sports, baseball, football, softball, community use, dance, soccer, band, physical education classes, track and more.

Members of the Monona Grove School Board discussed the issue late last year.

“We’re looking at doing the fundraising in two phases,” Superintendent Dan Olson told board members. “The first phase is to look to identify key contributors through direct donation or perhaps sponsorship opportunities. I mentioned that we had a group of individuals that have stepped up.”

The district has pledged $2 million for the first phase, with another $1.35 million to come from the capital campaign and the remaining $2.05 million to come from key contributors.

Susan Manning asked the board be kept in the loop.

“As a reminder, a key role of the board would be, should we have individual or business sponsorship opportunities, those have to come to the board for approval,” Olson said. “We’re hopeful we’ll have an interest in that. And ultimately at the end, whatever gifts we have, the board would have to accept that as well.”

Long-term maintenance of the athletic facilities, such as the turf on the football field, would be handled through the district’s maintenance budget and not be part of this campaign.

No dates have been announced regarding construction.

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