To the editor,

I'm writing to share a story about Tanya Buckingham, candidate for Dane County Board, that I think your readers will want to hear.

Last summer, when news broke of the lawsuit filed by Walmart against the city of Monona, a small group of citizens organized a community Q&A session. We invited elected officials familiar with the issue including Alder Kitslaar, who has been instrumental in raising awareness about existing dark store loopholes and taking action to close them. The work quickly became more than our group was prepared to take on, and we put out feelers for assistance. Tanya stepped forward and jumped in to help. And I'm so happy she did.

She never shied away from work, never missed a deadline, never failed to return an email or call. Moreover, she challenged us to think bigger, to see beyond the immediate to-do list to the potential in how our work could strengthen our community and bring people together in ways that would fortify us against the next challenge.  Sometimes I didn’t want to hear it, didn’t want more work added to my plate, but at the same time I agreed with her, knew she was right, and her enthusiasm, positivity and ability to deliver on her promises made me do the same.

Our dark store team is better because she’s a part of it, the same way our Dane County Board will be better with her on it. I have no question she will bring the same work ethic, the same commitment and dependability, as well as a long-range perspective and vision of what’s possible. She will be an outstanding county supervisor, and I encourage you to vote for Tanya Buckingham on April 3.

Teresa Radermacher


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