To the editor:

I am very pleased to recommend Molly Grupe for re-election to the Monona City Council. She is very passionate and knowledgeable, and is very active in the Monona community. She will continue to serve Monona with her understanding of our city’s needs. She attends many city events, serves as chair of the Monona Senior Citizens Committee and Transit Commission, and participates on the Monona Area Dementia Friendly Community Coalition and the Monona Sustainability and Public Safety committees.

I met Molly in 2017 when she wanted to be involved with the Monona Senior Center. Together, we have actively served on the Friends of the Monona Senior Center board. Molly is co-chair of the Santa’s Workshop planning committee, co-editor of the FoMSC webpage and actively participates in all the Friends events. She is responsible for organizing the food carts at the Winnequah summer concerts, and assists with the Friends bulletin boards.

Since I have been on the Friends board with Molly, she has earned my respect for her knowledge, enthusiasm and education. She advocates for seniors in the way she legislates for accessible buildings and parks and for the space needs at the senior center.

Molly has served on the Monona City Council for two past years. She has a good understanding of the issues facing the city and does necessary footwork to be sure she has all the facts. She listens to all sides and continues to push Monona to lead by example.

I support Molly Grupe for re-election to the Monona City Council. I hope you will consider voting for her as well.

Judy Runk


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