The Silly Nilly Clown Club was created in January 2010 by Jane Kinney, also known as Ladybug the Clown. A year earlier, she had gone to Mooseburger Clown Arts Camp and found her granddaughter Katie (Daizy) was fascinated with what she had learned.

Kinney, a first grade teacher at C.H. Bird, decided to start a club for the students at school. In the first year, 13 fourth and fifth graders formed the clown troupe. Over a hundred family members, classmates and friends attended the first 30-minute show. According to Kinney, it included a kazoo band, cotton candy, popcorn, snow cones and autograph books.

Last year the Silly Nilly Clown Club had 28 clowns. They performed at two different care facilities at Christmas, visited the Willow’s nursing home each month and performed two shows for the school. The club also helped with the Sun Prairie Preschool Carnival, Best Fest at C.H. Bird and sold 350 red noses for Red Nose Day.

Robin Engel, Kinney said, is the "plain clothes clown," who helps organize the club.

This year, 25 Silly Nilly Clowns performed a Christmas Show at the Lighthouse of Sun Prairie Assisted Living and Memory Car. Each month they also visit the Willows Nursing and Rehab Center after school. In 2014, the club participated in Tracy Merry-Thomson's Laps of Laughter and Love Project, which brings Red Nose Hugz wheelchair lap blankets to senior care facilities. The Silly Nilly Clown Club delivered 40 Red Nose Hugz to the Willows Care Facility.

Photos by Tamar Myers

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