The Poynette Village Board looked at their list of planned projects for 2020 and is getting ready to place them in the 2020 budget.

These projects are a part of the draft for the 2020-2024 capital improvement plan. The 2020 projects include:

  • Park Street extension (water, sewer, and street improvements funded by 2019 GO Note)
  • Hillcrest subdivision sidewalk improvements
  • North Street asphalt path
  • Repair/replace Pauquette Park small shelter
  • North/South Trail Connection (to be reviewed during 2020 budget in consideration of a potential grant)
  • Replace police department radio system
  • Purchase of a leaf collector
  • Pedestrian beacon/sign at North Street/Main Street
  • Replace public works garage door
  • Phosphorous improvements to wastewater treatment plant (funded by 2019 GO Note)
  • Water meter replacements (funded by 2019 GO Note)
  • Remove old water tower infrastructure

When reviewing the financial aspect of the projects, the village determined they are able to support the 2020 and 2021 proposed projects with their current funds, with the help of the $1.1 million 2019 General Obligation (GO) Note. The note allows the village to fund water and sewer projects and equipment purchases for 2019 and 2020.

Starting in 2022, Poynette will require debt financing for $1.2 million and again in 2024 for $2.1 million, according to a memo from Village Administrator Martin Shanks. He said debt payments will fall off in 2021 and 2022 but will pick up again in 2023 and 2024 with the new financing and remain at those levels until the end of the decade.

Shanks said the village will see a drop in the taxy levy set aside for the projects next year due to a “fairly significant increase” going to the Fire District’s annual payment.

Along with this, he said savings for future projects should increase as debt payments are retired in 2021 and 2022. The savings can be reallocated back to other capital projects.

Comprehensive Plan Amendment

The Poynette Plan Commission has been developing an amendment to the village’s comprehensive plan, and village planner Mark Roffers provided a detailed list of changes proposed.

According to a memo from Roffers, he’s proposing a change to a 55-plus housing development on a parcel northwest of the Highway 51 and CS/North Street intersection, and south of Piggly Wiggly. Parcel 532 is planned and zoned for commercial development but has not been developed yet.

The change includes redesignating the parcel to a new land use category called “mixed use/flex commercial,” along with three other parcels surrounding 532. According to the memo, Roffers said the mixed use/flex commercial planned use category would enable a combination of commercial, multiple family residential, and institutional uses on the parcels.

“Enabling more residential uses here may stimulate the commercial market on adjacent and other Highway 51 lands, and enabling compatible commercial uses...may make the area more appealing for senior and other types of housing,” Roffer said in the memo.

Shanks said Roffers recommendations for the North Street area is a good compromise between a commercial and multi-family residential area.

“In previous discussions the Plan Commission members were somewhat split on which way to go,” Shanks said in a memo. “This keeps both sides in play allowing the Commission to flexibly judge the quality of the proposal on how the land will be developed.”

In addition, Roffers is also recommending a redesignation for a half-acre northwest of the West Mill and South Main Street intersection that affects three parcels. This includes changing the parcels from “downtown commercial” to “single family residential.”

The parcels are currently used for single family residential. Roffers said the redesignation would set the framework for rezoning to a single family district and “reflect the limited market momentum for future ‘downtown’ uses this deep from South Main Street and south of Rowan Creek.” Shanks said this initial designation was likely a mapping oversight.

In other business, the Village Board approved the following:

  • Pay application one for the West Mill Street Utility and Improvement Project in the amount of $208,145
  • Volunteer Recognition Policy
  • Existing employer update resolution for Wisconsin Public Employers’ Group Health Insurance Program
  • Encroachment license agreement with Iceberg Holdings LLC
  • Adoption of Urban Forest Plan and Tree Inventory Analysis
  • Operator’s licenses

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