The Dekorra Town Board looked at how they want to proceed with the town hall construction at their regular meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 13.

With three new members on the board now, they discussed what actions the last board had already taken and what options they have for the town hall. Dekorra has been in a contract with General Engineering Company (GEC) to prepare a bid packet for a potential design at the site of the old elementary school.

Supervisor Gary Leatherberry said they have held three of their five possible meetings with GEC. After speaking with a representative from GEC, He said the board could continue to create a design at the current proposed site, move it to a different location or talk about getting out of the contract.

“They already have that design for the septic and water and where everything is,” Leatherberry said. “If we’re putting it somewhere new, it might not be the exact same price.”

The board said they are currently committed to at least $60,000 worth of their $75,000 contract with GEC.

The board spoke about putting in a new metal building at the site of old school. Leatherberry said he liked the metal building design in the Town of Bristol and plans on looking at their blueprints for the building. Chairman Kyle Knuteson said the town would have to pay to dispose of the rest of the spare material left at the current site.

Greg Falk spoke during public comment against the current site. The old school was broken into back in June and left the building with a number of broken windows and doors. He said the Columbia County Sheriff’s Department doesn’t patrol the Dekorra area as much, and vandalism could be an issue again. He proposed investigating the old True Value hardware store in Poynette, as well as preparing a meeting with the community to see what they want.

Knuteson said Falk made a good point about “being out in the middle of nowhere” and the board should question whether or not they want to be there long term. Whichever way the board decides to go, he said they will have to bring it to the people eventually.

“I don’t think we should be doing anything without having an open meeting and talking about what the plan is moving forward,” Knuteson said. “I don’t think it’s fair to them.”

The board said they will need to collect their list of options and their associated costs first before bringing it to the community.

In other business, the Town Board approved the following:

  • Interstate Warehouse and Storage site plan
  • Poynette Library year in review
  • Parks Commission appointment
  • Park bench proposal for Dekorra Park
  • Constable appointment
  • Roads – repairs, complaints, Tipperary Road work
  • Audit

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