The Poynette Parks and Recreation Commission continues to move forward with its plans for a disc golf course at Jamieson Park.

Commission member Justin Peters made a brief presentation during the monthly meeting March 4 and listed the potential expenditures.

But before the nine-hole course can be laid out, some trees would have to be cleared. The final three holes in Peters’ initial layout were in a more wooded area of the park.

“We can hire someone to clear some trees for the proposed holes,” Village Administrator Martin Shanks said. It was added that Village Engineer Kory Anderson would review the certain sections as to not remove things they shouldn’t — like vegetation and animal habitats — or to make sure none of the proposed holes sit in flood plain areas.

“We can make it work,” Peters said if plans needed to be altered for any of those or other reasons.

In his presentation, Peters broke down the expenditures for the course materials: $3,573 for 10 baskets (one per hole, plus one for practice); $1,000 for nine concrete tee pads; $450 for nine hole signs, with an additional $95 for the nine wooden posts to accompany each sign; $200 for various materials and other expenses; $210 for nine garbage bins (one per hole); and $750 for a 52-by-40-foot bulletin board outside the start of the course to post messages.

The total costs for those installations is about $6,300, but Peters noted that nearly $1,000 could be taken off through possible donation of time and items. The initial budget for the course was $15,000, so the commission applauded Peters’ initial effort for coming in at less than half the planned total.

Peters is still working on finalizing those things. He said that a friend, Adam Davis, could help save on labor for pouring and smoothing of the concrete tee boxes. The commission would then just pay about $600 for the concrete. Sponsorship for the hole signs could also limit potential costs.

Peters is also looking to place benches at each hole and said that his brother, Jaden McCormick, could make one as part of a school project. Peters also said that the park could add various park benches outside the course.

The concrete tee pads would be the last thing put in just in case the course would need to be altered slightly after competition. Peters said that dirt or wood chips would be sufficient until the decision was made on the concrete.

Tomlinson gave Peters the go-ahead to start purchasing the necessary equipment.

Also during the March 4 meeting, the commission agreed to take playground equipment that is currently located at the elementary school. The vote was unanimous.

With the construction of the new elementary school, the district was looking for new homes for some of the used equipment and wanted to donate some pieces to the Parks and Recreation Department.

The village board also passed the same resolution at its meeting March 9, allowing the parks and recreation department to have the equipment.

The commission then discussed where to put the new equipment. It also wanted to make sure that the equipment wouldn’t need to be stored by the village for any length of time.

“If we can just take it from point A to point B, I’m for that,” Chairperson Davy Tomlinson said.

Tomlinson then asked other members of the commission which park the new equipment should be transported — Colby, Veterans Memorial or Old Settlers. He noted that there’s nothing at Colby, but liked the fact it was the village’s only park with open space. The commission agreed with that notion.

Tomlinson said he was leaning toward Old Settlers, and the others agreed to that as well. He later urged the other members to go down to Old Settlers on their own to determine a good spot for installation.

Tomlinson hopes that the job to dismantle, transport and reinstall the new equipment would last a day or two.

“I talked to (Public Works Director) Scott (Gorman) and he assured me that he could do it,” Shanks said. “He felt confident he could do it in a day or two.”

It was also mentioned that the village could get a contractor for the day to help with the transportation or installment process.

In other news, the commission set two dates for Movies in the Park, both to be held at Pauquette Park. It will show “The Secret Life of Pets 2” on Friday, June 5, and “Abominable” on Friday, July 24. Both movies will begin at dusk.

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