Whether someone is caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life or has learned to slow down and appreciate the little things, a Poynette resident’s new book helps folks make the most out of their life.

Dianne Vielhuber considers herself a busy person and said she has been wondering if she is making the best choices for herself every day. Her new book “The Mary Experiment: When Doing and Being Collide” was an opportunity to reflect on this to find use of the consistent demands of her time.

“I have struggled with this my entire life,” Vielhuber said. “I’m a middle-aged woman. I think I came to a point, am I make the best choices for the things I am doing? Am I doing things to be busy, or am I doing the very best things I should be doing?”

Her title is based on the biblical story of Mary and Martha. Martha is a busy woman, while Mary is considered to be more contemplative and sits at Jesus’ feet. Vielhuber calls herself a “recovering Martha” and she looks to focus on more ways she can enjoy life. She said this book is designed to help other people who feel they are too busy and struggle with making the right choices with their time.

“There’s lots of good things to do in this world,” Vielhuber said. “I think part of our call is to find out what the best things are for each one of us.”

To address this, one of the ideas Vielhuber talks about in her book is “the urgence” and how often people get distracted by something they feel is urgent or someone else feels is urgent. She also includes a series of tidbits, suggestions and ideas for finding joy in small aspects of life, rather than looking for the big milestones.

Vielhuber said the book can be used in a self-help style as the end of each chapter includes a series of questions for opportunities of reflection. When writing the book, she said she worked with a group of women who talked through the book questions together so they could be used to help others.

Vielhuber thinks this book can be helpful for anyone who feels like their life is hard to manage, whether this be someone who is raising a family, a difficult job or a stay-at-home parent. She also said this book can be good for the “Mary” people of the world who are already more reflective but can use it to understand why their “Martha” friends act the way they do.

“My ultimate goal is someone reads the books and tries to find a little bit more Mary time in their life and be a little bit more self reflective in the choices they make,” Vielhuber said. “If I can encourage one person or two people to be a little bit more thoughtful in how they design their life and maybe try to implement their own Mary experiment, that would be rewarding for me.”

The book is available now on Amazon for the Kindle and paperback. She is also going to be hosting a book launching and signing event at her house, 424 N. Franklin St., Poynette, on Saturday, Nov. 30 from 1:30-3:30 p.m. There will be copies of the book available at the event.

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