North/South Trail

This graphic shows the route of the North/South Trail (indicated with a red line) mentioned in the Memorandum of Understanding between the Village of Poynette and the Columbia County Highway and Transportation Department.

The Poynette Village Board approved a resolution awarding the 2020 Park Street Extension and Washington Street Stormwater projects to S&L Underground, Inc., based out of Lodi. The decision was made at its March 9 meeting.

The Village accepted the bid for $531,369.10 to complete both projects.

“The projects were combined into one bid to take advantage of potential cost efficiencies,” Village Administrator Martin Shanks wrote in a memo to the board.

The breakdown of the bid estimates were for general construction ($148,200), water utility ($79,542), sewer utility ($39,390), and stormwater utility ($269,888.10). The village budgeted $494,300 for the project, which did not include engineering and contingency costs.

“The stormwater utility has built a large cash balance over the years and can accommodate both projects,” Shanks said. He added that bids are good for 60 days, so if the Board desires to review, modify or consider the projects further, it may do so at the next meeting.

The village has worked with S&L Underground before and Village Engineer Kory Anderson added in an email, “They are a reputable contractor we are confident that is qualified to complete the work and provide the Village with an acceptable finished project.”

Also at the March 9 meeting, the village passed its end of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Columbia County Highway and Transportation Department regarding construction of the North/South trail along County Highway CS/Q.

Because the project spanned a pair governing bodies, the DNR required the MOU between both parties. The Columbia County Highway Commission approved the document at a March 5 meeting.

The North/South trail will begin east of Bluebird Circle and continue along County Highway CS toward South Main St. The trail then continues for 29 feet on South Main St., which is what the Columbia County Highway and Transportation Department is responsible for — “the centermost 29 feet (14.5 feet each direction of the centerline) from the westernmost village limit eastward toward the Highway 51 intersection with the village, excluding issues associated with utilities.” It follows State Statute S83.025(2).

Everything else associated with the project is the village’s responsibility.

The terms of the agreement last 25 years and the agreement is renewable afterward, as long as the project exists and is maintained for public outdoor recreation use. If the village removes all of the project after the 25 years, the agreement can be terminated. Also, the Columbia County Highway and Transportation Department has authority to review, comment and approve the construction plans and specifications prior to project bidding, contract award and the subsequent field work. The village will be responsible for obtaining the permits needed.

“We expect to receive the final grant agreement from the DNR sometime later this month,” Shanks said. “Once that is reviewed and approved by the DNR, then General Engineering Company (GEC) will finalize engineering plans and put the project out for bid.”

The two parties also have shown mutual support for improvements to be made at the intersection of North Street and Main Street, Shanks said in his administrator’s report. The improvements would include making the intersection a three-way stop with crosswalks, curb cuts and additional signage being put in. The county will draft up another memorandum of understanding for the board to review at a later meeting.

In other news, the board approved the temporary Class B Fermented Malt Beverage and Wine License to the Poynette/Dekorra Community Fire Department for use during its Poynette EMS Family Fun Fest. The event was cancelled last year due to lack of volunteers.

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