Lisa Wilson

Lisa Wilson resigned from her job as Poynette administrator to become Sauk County’s conservation, planning and zoning department director. 

After almost two years on the job, village of Poynette administrator/clerk/treasurer Lisa Wilson said her goodbyes last week.

Wilson, who started at the village in the spring of 2015, is moving on to be Sauk County’s conservation, planning and zoning department director. She will begin in her new post on Feb. 27, after her last day at the village on Feb. 16.

Originally from DeForest, Wilson received her master’s degree in urban and regional planning from U.W.-Madison and later another master’s in public administration from Hamline University in St. Paul, Minn. Before taking her position in Poynette and moving back to her home state, Wilson was the development services director in the town of Sunnyvale, Texas.

The administration/clerk/treasurer job at the village was the first of its kind for Wilson, who said she was used to acting as back-up to an administrator or manager.

“This was my first role being up front, close and personal, kind of running everything,” Wilson said.

Even though she will still be in a lead role at Sauk, Wilson said she is excited to move back into the area where her interests are – the world of planning, zoning and development.

“I definitely found, through the course of this, where my heart lies and it’s back in that planning, zoning, development type realm,” Wilson said.

Despite her enthusiasm to start this new journey, Wilson said she will miss Poynette and the people she’s met along the way. The best part of the job, she said, has been working with the village’s staff, commissions and the village board, as well as getting to know residents and business owners.

“There’s a lot of really good people in this town who want Poynette to be something special,” Wilson said. “I think that’s been a lot of fun, getting to hear their different views and work with them and see what we can do to help them.”

Although she won’t be far from Poynette, as her family lives just outside of Portage, Wilson extended her thanks to the community “for being supportive and patient.”

As for Wilson’s replacement, no one has been lined up to bat just yet. Applications for the job will be accepted until Tuesday, Feb. 28, at 4:30 p.m. Wilson said whoever fills the post should have leadership skills and be able to understand the small-town atmosphere.

“They’re going to need to be a leader,” Wilson said. “They’re going to have to have patience. They’re going to have to understand that this is a small town, so there are certain things you do a lot differently than you would in a town of 15,000 or 16,000 people.”

Wilson also noted that the next administrator can hopefully work with the village board on its economic development goal, which has been a dominant theme during her time with the village.

“I think we’ve tried to chart a path and they all seem to be somewhat on board,” Wilson said. “Hopefully the next person can take that to the next step.”

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