A Poynette man involved in a 2016 police standoff, where he shot at police officers, has been sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Michael J. Morgan, 43, was sentenced on Tuesday, Sept. 3 at Columbia County Circuit Court after receiving felony charges of intentionally pointing a firearm at a law enforcement officer and first degree recklessly endangering safety, which he pleaded no contest to back in 2018. Other charges were dismissed.

Poynette Police were called to Morgan’s Poynette home on Dec. 12, 2016, with reports that Morgan was trying to kill himself and had fired two shots in the home with his family present, according to the criminal complaint.

Poynette Police and Columbia County Sheriff Deputies arrived on the scene of the home on the 300 block of N. Lincoln Street and were told that Morgan had been upset over issues with the school and had been drinking alcohol and had a gun.

Morgan came out onto the house’s front entrance and fired his gun several times at officers and squad cars and nearby homes, according to the criminal complaint. Morgan refused to comply with law enforcement’s orders and officers returned fire before Morgan went back into the house.

According to the criminal complaint, Morgan called 911 dispatch from the house and told them that he was coming out of the house, unarmed. Officers told Morgan to put his arms in the air when he came out of the house and to lie on his stomach. Morgan reportedly said “What if I don’t? Will you shoot me?” An officer used a Taser on Morgan and handcuffed and arrested him.

A rifle was found by the front doorway of Morgan’s house, with several spent and live rounds of ammunition, police reported.

According to the criminal complaints, family members say that Morgan had been battling depression and had been suicidal for many years. He reportedly drank a full bottle of Southern Comfort and took some over-the-counter pain pills on Dec. 12 before the incident.

Morgan was sentenced to 15 years and six months in prison with five years of extended supervision. He was granted 995 days of sentence credit for his time already served.

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