Rock Solid

The Jimmy “Rock” Rockhill, his employees and officer Ryan Wendel celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Rock Solid Heating and Air at the business on Friday, June 7.

Back in 2009, in the middle of a recession, a local HVAC employee was looking to open up his first business because he thought he might be able to do it differently, if not a little better.

The move, so far, has led to a decade-long adventure at Rock Solid Heating and Air. The owner, Jimmy “Rock” Rockhill, has found the industry to be rewarding and enjoys the gratification of helping others.

“Fixing furnaces in the state of Wisconsin, it’s kind of an emergency,” Rockhill said. “You feel like you have accomplished something. You made somebody’s life better than when you showed up. It’s very addictive at that point.”

Rockhill, his team of around 10 employees and a number of happy customers came by to show their support for Rock Solid’s 10-year anniversary on Friday, June 7. They celebrated with raffle prizes, food and with other people around Poynette.

Rockhill said his heart has always been in Poynette and the support from the community has been fantastic over the years.

“I was actually told by people — naysayers — that the Poynette community would never support a heating company, that you’d have to venture out into other things,” he said. “I can attest, no, you don’t need more than the Poynette local area.”

Rock Solid has undergone a few changes recently, including moving to their Main Street location last year as well as brightening it up with a mural created by local art students. They also like to stay active in the community with food drives, raffles and handing out tote bags at the annual Arlington parade in August.

However, Rockhill said their success wouldn’t be possible without the people, the ones he meets every day.

“To be in a heating business, you get to meet them on a personal level,” he said. “You’re in their own home. That’s not very often that happens. Most people are wonderful, they really are.”

More information about Rock Solid can be found at or on their Facebook page at “Rock Solid Heating & Air”.

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