The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) plans to resurface a portion of U.S. Highway 51 from Poynette to Portage in 2023. Those wishing to find out more about the project should attend a public involvement meeting in Poynette next Wednesday.

According to information posted to the Wisconsin Public Meeting Notices and Minutes website, an open house meeting will be held by WisDOT on Jan. 22, 5-7 p.m., at Poynette Village Hall. During the event, exhibits showing the proposed project area and potential impacts will be on display and individuals can discuss the plans with WisDOT representatives.

WisDOT intends to improve U.S. Highway 51 between Tomlinson Road in Poynette and Ontario Street in Portage in three years. The project will consist of highway resurfacing as well as replacing sidewalk curb ramps, guardrails and two railroad crossings. In addition, an overlay on the bridge over Duck Creek will also be made. According to WisDOT Project Development Manager Lalitha Balachandran, the project is budgeted for 2023, but could advance to the construction phase by 2022.

According to the meeting notice, construction permits or the purchase of minor amounts of temporary limited easements in narrow strips along the construction route may be needed. Adjacent property owners are encouraged to attend the meeting.

WisDOT held a public meeting early in 2019 to discuss other U.S. Highway 51 future road work. According to Poynette Press archives, construction on a six-mile stretch of the highway from North Leeds to Poynette is also scheduled for 2023, but could begin as early as next year. Within that project, WisDOT plans to resurface the highway between Highway 60 and Tomlinson Road.

Citizens who are unable to attend the Jan. 22 meeting or would like more information can contact Balachandran at (608) 243-3382 or email

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