Grandparents and other special guests visited more than 60 fourth-graders at Poynette Elementary on Friday. Late in the afternoon, students welcomed in their special guests, where they asked them a number of questions about what life was like what they were young. Questions covered cost of living – one girl was enamored by 25-cent cent movie tickets. Another question asked what type of games guests played when they were young, and two groups overheard the other and talked about local variations of “ante over” played with a ball and a roof.

Students also led their guests on a tour through the school, showing them classrooms, the gymnasium and other important spots throughout the building. The visit finished with snacks and a craft project in the cafeteria.

Fourth-grade teacher Amy Pederson has been helping administer the program for about eight years and said students always find it interesting to learn how their grandparents lived, compared to modern-day life. Pederson said the students have been reading “The War with Grandpa,” a story about a young boy who clashes with his grandfather when he moves in to the house. The book discusses generational differences and the importance of respecting one’s elders.

Fourth-grade teacher Meghan Visger has been helping oversee the program 12 years, since her second year with Poynette. Visger said grandparents learn from the day, too, seeing how much school have changed and the new technology found in classrooms. Most importantly, however, the day is just special.

“The kids always say this day was one their favorite days of the fourth grade,” Visger said.

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