If you weren’t paying attention you might have missed it because there was very little drama or time spent on the court in Tracy Chynoweth’s dominant performance at the Club Singles Racquetball Tournament at the Prairie Athletic Club (PAC) this weekend.

Chynoweth took out Dan Thompson 15-3, 15-3 for the Mens Open title, topping Thompson in the final for the second year in a row. It was Chynoweth’s eighth title in the last nine years and 10th overall.

Chynoweth defeated Robbie Knorr and Michael Fredenberg to reach the final, giving up a total of 12 points in the semi and final.

Dialed in from the start, Chynoweth flew all over the court making incredible gets, put the ball down consistently and rarely skipped the ball in his matches.

Thompson defeated Alex Filter in the quarters and held off Alex Korenic in the semis.

Jess Krueger won her first Womens Open title, defeating Angie Adler. It was the first time in a dozen years that Jesi Haak or Becky Denniston didn’t win the title, each winning it six straight years before sitting out this year.

Chynoweth teamed with Joel Peterson to win the Open doubles title, while brothers Yash and Krish Maini topped Aaron Boyd and Mike Lawton for the Mens A doubles title.

It was a great day for Yash as he also won Mens A singles, edging Lawton in the final.

Nick Uebelacker topped Adam Rogers for the Mens AA crown, while Luke Titel stopped Krish Maini to win Mens B.

Taylor Kolman outlasted teenager Ashley Bedner in a very competitive Womens B division. She also teamed with Luke Thompson to win fun doubles, which was the second biggest draw of the tourney, beating Luke’s grandpa Bruce and his partner Jen Johnson in the final.

The tourney featured 13 divisions. Food and beverages were provided by Jimmy John’s, Daly’s Bar & Grill, Buck & Honey’s and Cannery Wine & Spirits. Results of the tournament are listed on B3.

2020 PAC Club Singles

Racquetball Tournament

Mens Open – 1, Tracy Chynoweth; 2, Dan Thompson; Consolation, Scott Willan.

Mens AA – 1, Nick Uebelacker; 2, Adam Rogers; Consolation, Jeff Banschbach.

Mens A – 1, Yash Maini; 2, Mike Lawton; Consolation, Eric Murphy.

Mens B – 1, Luke Titel; 2, Krish Maini; Consolation, Nicholas Patterson.

All-Age A – 1, Mark Schneider; 2, Eric Murphy; Consolation, Luke Titel.

All-Age B – 1, Deep Maini; 2, George Alexander.

Womens Open – 1, Jess Krueger; 2, Angie Adler.

Womens B – 1, Taylor Kolman; 2, Ashley Bedner; Consolation, Abby Eddy.

Juniors, 2-bounce – 1, Trevor Kohl; 2, Justin Kohl.

Mens Open Doubles – 1, Joel Peterson/Tracy Chynoweth; 2, Alex Korenic/Andrew Klein; Consolation, Adam Rogers/Michael Fredenberg.

Mens A Doubles – 1, Yash Maini/Krish Maini; 2, Aaron Boyd/Mike Lawton.

All-Age A Doubles – 1, Angie Adler/Dwayne Schernecker; 2, Matt Uebelacker/George Alexander; Consolation, Sateesh Thota/Fred Nothnagel.

Fun Doubles – 1, Taylor Kolman/Luke Thompson; 2, Jen Johnson/Bruce Thompson; Consolation, Pam Klein/Rachel Jackson.

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