The Big Eight Conference supports the fact that education-based athletics are a privilege, not a right, which requires an added level of responsibility for those that administer them.

When school is allowed to resume, some decisions related to athletics and extra-curriculars may be more restrictive than those related strictly to the operation of schools.

We continue to get regular updates and guidance from Public Health and the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and communicate with the WIAA to make sure we get correct information out as soon as we can. You can continue to expect updates of timelines and information related to the status of Big 8 athletics on Fridays.

When schools are closed or school facilities are closed, we will not hold practice, nor encourage students to group together or practice without a coach.

For sports that have not reached their official start dates, as with any “normal” offseason, programs for individual training or workouts may be shared — such as stretching, flexibility, and warm-up routines, strength and speed training, sport specific conditioning, and mental preparation/sport psychology resources — so long as it can be completed individually and follows normal WIAA Coaching Contact rules.

Once the official WIAA Spring Season Practice Start date is reached for each sport, coaches may provide direct, virtual coaching (via GoogleClassroom, Hudl, Zoom, or other shared online spaces) to those student-athletes that have completed all eligibility requirements (check with the Athletic Office of your school for full information and confirmation of eligibility).

With the indefinite closure date, the earliest we would return to practice is on April 6th. At the earliest, Big 8 Conference competitions would begin on April 20th, although school-by-school decisions for non-conference competition may vary. We will support all schools in their local decisions and follow the guidance of the WIAA which has paused spring sports indefinitely in accordance with the statewide school closure.

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