Love donuts but don’t want to commit to just one flavor? Humble Donuts Co. has the solution.

With its mini but mighty concept, donut connoisseurs can pick from more than two dozen taste concoctions—French toast, cookies n’ coffee, peanut butter cup, berries n’ cream, to name a few.

“People like donuts but some just want a little bit of donut so they can try different flavors,” owner Joey O’Brien said about the two-bite sensations he sells at Humble Donuts.

Since the Aug. 15 opening, O’Brien reports the top flavors have been birthday cake, maple bacon, and churro—maple icing topped with cinnamon sugar. All the favorites come topped with some kind of icing, candy and cookie pieces, depending on the flavor.

For the purists, there’s the classics---glazed, chocolate iced, powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar and maple iced.

O’Brien opened Humble Donuts in his Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt store at Prairie Lakes—both are franchises of the same company.

Early morning commuters can stop by the shop and get hot donuts right off the line with employees putting fresh toppings on right before their eyes. It’s a concept that O’Brien says may take a little bit to get used to.

“This isn’t like a regular donut shop where the donuts are sitting out and you just point to 12 and we box them up,” O’Brien said, suggesting people call ahead orders if they don’t want to wait.

Batches of donuts are made for the morning rush, and into the afternoon and evening, all evident by the vanilla cake smells coming from the Prairie Lakes Drive store.

“Here it is all about the taste and the quality of the doughnut,” O’Brien said. “We are pretty much making donuts throughout the day.”

The donut-making process is a pretty scientific, O’Brien added, noting the temperature of the flour and water need to be just right before the batter is mixed. It’s then allowed to settle so it can develop its cake-like texture before being dipped in hot oil.

When the Donut Robot equipment was moved into the shop in July, O’Brien was so giddy that he posted a picture of it on Facebook.

“I am living my dream. I have my own donut-making machine,” O’Brien said, noting his favorite flavor right now is Berries N’ Cream—a buttercream frosting with a choice of fresh strawberries, blueberries or raspberries.

Prices range from a three-pack for $2.50 up to a 36-pack for $24.

O’Brien bought the Orange Leaf franchise two years ago when the Prairie Lakes development was just beginning. The self-service frozen yogurt, and now Humble Donuts, shop is brightly colored with pop music playing in the background—a lively spot for families, and kids to hang out with their friends.

When the froyo franchise owners were looking to boost top-line revenue—Humble Donuts was born. They want to lure customers in during the morning hours with doughnuts and craft-roasted EÔTÉ coffee—and also get the afternoon snack and evening dessert crowd too.

The donut trend has been booming, according to Research and with sales expected to climb in the future. Industry analysts say as people becoming more health-conscious, the tiny donut seems to fit in.

O’Brien reports that people come in after the gym or a hot yoga class and grab a box—knowing that it’s easier to burn off the calories from eating a mini doughnut than a full-size one that can top 300-400 calories. The mini-donut concept, O’Brien said, is great for birthdays, weddings, bridal and baby showers with catering available, along with delivery orders expected in the future.

O’Brien, who committed to the co-branding concept last year, changed the store’s design to accommodate the Humble Donut counter where people watch their donuts get topped with flavors.

So far, O’Brien says people have been pretty excited about the concept, including his wife, who brings Humble Donuts to her office job, and his two sons, who help out at the store. O’Brien says the response to the new business has been overwhelming.

“We have been really happy with the support that we have received from customers and friends —everybody says it’s a great idea and they like that we are here,” O’Brien said.

O’Brien who also has a full-time job says his employees have done a great job with adding Humble Donuts to the already busy froyo business. “Our team is great, they have really stepped up,” he said.

O’Brien admitted it can be a little stressful opening up a new franchise, but it’s been all worthwhile. He remembered that his business offers tasty treats to customers.

“This is a happy place to work because if people don’t have a smile on their face when they come in the door, they soon will.”

Humble Donut Co. is located at 2828 Prairie Lakes Drive in Sun Prairie’s Prairie Lakes retail development.

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