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Art abounds for Sun Prairie kid

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Art fills every inch of Jayce Thomas’ downtown Sun Prairie home—prints stacked up high on a desk, masterpieces lining the walls and a refrigerator covered top to bottom.

So what does a seven-year-old do when art is busting out of the confines of his house? He opens an art museum, of course.

Jayce set up shop on Sunday, July 21 for his one-day art museum—placing 15 of his best works on display—-and then sat out on his front porch with his “Free art museum” sign hoping to lure people in.

East Main Street was pretty busy, but at first no one came in—then soon people started showing up.

The aspiring artist showed people several of his drawings, paintings, and abstract composition pieces— “The Diamond Bird”, “Kindness Bird”, “Cat & Squirrel Rainbow House” and “Wonderful House with a Creeper that Exploded.” He eagerly told visitors about his inspiration and then posed with them for a photo.

Parents Kayla and Jeff Thomas say Jayce has always been a creative kid, finding time to draw whatever comes up in mind—and on any available surface. One time he took a stack of Post-It notes and used each one as a mini-art canvas, placing them all over his room.

“We just allow him to do his thing —some kids just want to sit in front of the TV, but Jayce likes to draw,” said Jeff, pointing to a special activity bag that he keeps for his son that is bursting with pens, markers, pencils, and paper.

Kayla—-who likes drawing and interior design— helped him out by creating an art gallery brochure for the July 21 event—she planned the ribbon-cutting ceremony and served up refreshments for guests. Jayce says his mom’s artistic spirit inspires him.

“My mom tells me that art and writing are better than screen and TV time,” Jayce says.

Jayce was pretty excited when he made his first sale—-“The Mad Pitcher” to a family friend who stopped by the museum.

“It was a picture of my dad who was mad because he couldn’t throw the ball. He had angry brows and his mouth was open yelling,” says Jayce, arching his brows just like in the painting.

The $35.15 price might have seemed a little high, but Jayce let it go for a little less. Jayce ended up taking in $21—- and a few candy bars— from his first art gallery event.

Jayce says he’s going to save up his money to take his family on a vacation “where there are no mosquitos”—or buy some Rollerblades.

Besides earning money, Jayce says the best part of the art museum was meeting new people.

Jayce is excited to start second grade at Eastside Elementary this fall and tell his art teacher all about his art museum—and the media coverage it had from the local newspaper and TV station.

“My art teacher is going to be proud of me,” he says with a smile, planning for another art museum day in the future.

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