Sun Prairie Garden of the Month

Sun Prairie Garden Club August Garden of the month was picked for its rewarding visuals of colors and textures.

Gardeners: Jeff and Kristin Sanner

Garden address: 3404 Whistling Wind Way, Sun Prairie, WI

What is the history of your garden?

We bought our new house in 2014 and in the spring of 2015 started the transformation for the garden. We removed existing plants and the rock mulch. Over the past three years we added, moved, and replaced a variety of the perennials and shrubs. It’s a fluid process. Every winter, we plan new ideas and concepts on a 4x4 board with cut outs of plants in new areas of the landscape that we haven’t quite finished…which you never really are finished are you?

What specific varieties of flowers and plants are noteworthy in your garden?

• Berberis thunbergii “Orange Rocket Barberry’”– The vibrant orange/red color is amazing

• Garden Phlox paniculata - “Glamour Girl” - Love the bright pick colors

• Heliopsis helianthoides “Lorain Sunshine” – Bright yellow flowers and variegated leaves

• Rudbeckia fulgida Goldsturm “Showy Coneflower”– sturdy and long-lasting bright yellow

• Echinacea purpurea “Magnus” – The large purple flowers draw your attention

Finally, we usually don’t plant annuals in our flower gardens, we keep that typically for the planters. However, this year we planted cosmos along the entry to the house as a remembrance of our dog Cosmo, who passed this spring.

What is your favorite? Why?

Jeff– When coming home driving up to the house, I really love the bright color of the garden phlox “Glamour Girl” and how they pop off all the other yellows, greens, and grasses.

Kristin – For me, I really love the texture and the bright pink flowers of our purple sedums.

What is your gardening philosophy?

We like to plant mainly native varieties and are looking for plants and shrubs that will attract birds, bees, and butterflies. We also like to mix varieties to provide a full year of interest. Finally, if a plant isn’t doing well in a certain area, don’t try and force it, move it to a happier spot and replace it with something new.

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