Former Sun Prairie resident Suzie Bocock, recently published her book, ”A Thousand Miles from Yesterday.”

Meet and greet Christian author Bocock at Prairie Creek Church, 6484 N Bird St., Sun Prairie on July 27, 2019 starting at 1 p.m.. There will be a word from the author at 2 p.m. Concluding with a book signing.

The Amazon review: Handsome widower, Zak Freemont, drops out of life when his family is killed in a private plane crash. In desperation, Zak turns to his sister and her husband to take over the reins of his company, while he attempts to pull his shattered life back together.

Lindsey is fleeing hired killers. Her brother accidentally stumbles upon a deadly secret, causing Lindsey to flee for her life and that of her unborn child. Mourning the death of her husband, romance is the last thing on her mind when she encounters Zak.

Zak has vowed he will never love again. Yet, there is something about the damsel in distress that he rescued that pulls on his heartstrings and pulls him into the quagmire of her life.

The pair makes strange traveling companions as Zak runs from life and Lindsey runs from death.

The book is on sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Walmart.

Bocock has been writing poetry, short stories, a play, and novels since she was in sixth grade.

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