Raising the bar on brows

Ashu Sadnoor opened The Brow Boutique in Prairie Lakes in October, bringing the ancient art of eyebrow threading to Sun Prairie.

Like any artist, Ashu Sadnoor likes to admire her work—pictures of people who have had their brows shaped by The Brow Boutique owner.

“That is one routine I end with every day—looking at the photos of my clients to see how confident and beautiful they look after I do their brows,” Sadnoor said. “That is what keeps me going.”

The new brow salon, that opened in Prairie Lakes in October, brings the ancient art of eyebrow threading to Sun Prairie. The technique has been around 2,000 years in India, the Middle East and Asian countries with mothers passing down the art to their daughters.

Sadnoor brought threading to Madison in 2008 and grew her business to over 900 clients in the first year, expanding now to her third location in Sun Prairie.

The Brow Boutique threading experts take a thin cotton thread and twist around the hair in double strands, with a rhythmic movement, the unwanted hairs are lifted from the follicle and removed.

Threading specialists must have at least a decade of experience before Sadnoor will take them on, and then they are trained again according to her business practices.

Sadnoor said, unlike waxing, threading won’t burn the skin and expose it to chemicals. It’s also beneficial to the skin because it helps exfoliate dead or dry top layers of skin, she said.

“The best part of threading is that it’s so gentle on your skin,” Sadnoor said. “That helps us cater to all ages, all ethnicity and all genders, so anybody can get it done.”

While there is a tiny prick sensation when the hair is removed, Sadnoor said she lets new clients know what they can expect.

“The idea is to give new clients an introduction, build their trust, and show them what we have to offer,” Sadnoor said.

Threading services can be done for brows, forehead, upper lips, cheeks, chins, neck, fingers, jawline and more.

The majority of clients are women but around 30 percent are men who are introduced to threading by a wife, sister or mother.

Clients with brow concerns—the shape, or lack of hair—can find a solution at The Brow Boutique, Sadnoor said.

“Threading is very precise and meticulous, so it’s great for people who have sparse eyebrows,” she said. “Taking a few hairs at the right spot gives enhancement without taking the thickness or volume off the eyebrow.”

Brow and lash tinting are also offered at The Brow Boutique. Sadnoor said the color can be customized for blonde, medium and dark brows and lasts two to three weeks. Henna tinting is available for longer-wearing color.

Recently, Sadnoor finished up a microblading session on a woman who wanted to look extra beautiful for a special occasion. The women’s husband was so happy with the results, he gushed with praise.

“He said his wife looked so beautiful, he wasn’t sure if should hug her, or hug me for doing her brows,” Sadnoor remembered with delight.

Microblading fills in gaps in the brow, changes the shape or extends the existing brow, by placing semi-permanent pigment under skin layers. Sadnoor said it’s less evasive than tattooing because it doesn’t penetrate the deepest skin layers but it still lasts up to two years.

People going through radiation, chemotherapy or have Alopecia, can also get a boost with Brow Boutique services. Sadnoor said kids and teens teased because of facial hair or a unibrow can also be helped.

“For some clients, our services are a necessity to boost their confidence and help them live their life,” she said.

With the beauty industry a multi-billion-dollar business, there’s plenty of products out there to enhance the eyes—liners, shadows, mascaras and more—but Sadnoor said without a great frame, it’s not a complete picture.

Clients have used eyebrow threading to enhance and lift their facial features, with Sadnoor and her staff expertly recommended the best options. For proof, Sadnoor said, there are plenty of clients on The Brow Boutique’s website and Facebook page who are happy with the results.

“You would think that they are just eyebrows—that you can’t do much with them,” Sadnoor said. “But if you have a great pair of eyebrows, you don’t need any other make-up, they speak for themselves.”

The Brow Boutique is located at 2828 Prairie Lakes Drive, Suite 102 in Shoppes at Prairie Lakes. For more information call 608-827-0097 or go online to www.ibrowboutique.com or facebook.com/ibrowboutique.

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