Witty Writers inspires wordsmiths

The Meetup.com group “Sun Prairie Witty Writers” can be found each Sunday morning from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. at Beans ‘n Cream downtown.

Have you always thought you had a book in you, but weren’t sure how to get started?

It turns out the answer might be baby steps. Sarah Wright was going through nursing school and started writing little short stories as a stress reliever. “I always enjoyed writing, but I didn’t really take it seriously,” she said.

Wright works regular business hours but was inspired to turn one of her short stories into a novel last year. She thought about how she could dedicate some time every week to write.

She started the Meetup.com group “Sun Prairie Witty Writers” and can be found each Sunday morning from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. at Beans ‘n Cream downtown. About four to six people join her, bringing their laptops or notebooks for some concentrated work time. The group welcomes new members.

“People are working on projects like an autobiography, poetry, a fantasy novel. One person starts with a question, a writing prompt, and works from there,” Wright said.

“We’re a very different group, in regard to careers and backgrounds,” Wright said. “We usually catch up on the week, and depending how people are feeling, we either talk more or write more. We ask, ‘What’s a better word for this?’ or ‘Describe sand’ or ask, ‘How long should a chapter be?’ and it’s been great to have that outlet.”

Wright says the focused time is helping her toward her goal. She aims to write 1,000 words every week and says her novel draft is about two-third complete. “I know (from talking with others) that the editing process will be long, hard, daunting,” she said, illustrating that her goal will have another component. Wright hopes to talk to publishers and says she’s open to self-publishing too.

After a busy year in which she got married and bought a house, Wright still finds stress relief in writing.

“I started Witty Writers in fall because I really wanted some accountability. It’s easy to be busy, I was coming home from work tired, I wasn’t inspired. Setting aside this time worked.”

Other writers in the groups have full-time jobs, and families, but they are seeking accountability and encouragement.

“The group helps support people,” Wright said. “They enjoy the camaraderie and we are bouncing off ideas with each other.”

Witty Writers meets 10 a.m-12 p.m. on Sundays at Beans ‘n Cream, 245 Cannery Square. Find out more about the group by visiting Meetup.com and searching for “Witty Writing Sunday.”

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