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The Sun Prairie Area School District received a student threat Sept. 19, but police found it not to be a credible threat and classes were in session last Friday, Sept. 20, according to an email to parents.

Sun Prairie High School (SPHS) Principal Keith Nerby said in a 12:53 a.m. email to parents, “We have had a great start to the school year, however, we want to bring something to your attention that we learned about late last night.

“At approximately 9:30 p.m. yesterday, we were notified by several parents of a possible threat made by a SPHS student. We immediately responded by reaching out to the Sun Prairie Police Department.

“As always, safety is our number one priority,” Nerby wrote. “We are thankful for our partnership with the police department and their quick response to bring resolution to the situation. Our schools are safe, and classes will be held as usual today.”

Lt. Kevin Konopacki of the Sun Prairie Police Department said the threat involved statements on a student’s Instagram post that someone was going to get hurt the next day.

A subsequent investigation determined the student has made suicidal threats in the past, and was working with a therapist, who was re-contacted to handle the student’s statements online.

Konopacki said police determined the threats were made by the student to harm himself, and not credible, then notified the school district that assistance was being provided to the student, who was not charged or named by police.

“This is a great example of cooperation between parents and our schools. Please take this opportunity to remind your students how important it is to say something if you see or hear anything that may cause concern,” Nerby added.

“Thank you for your continued support,” the principal concluded, “and partnership.”

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