Woodman's supports #ActofKindnessSP

Frank Shelhamer, store manager for Woodman’s Market in Sun Prairie, recently displayed his store’s support for Sunshine Place along with Campaign Co-Chair Mark Thompson (right). This week Woodman’s backed up that support with a $10,000 donation for the ongoing #ActofKindnessSP capital campaign.

Sunshine Place’s Act of KindnessSP campaign received another boost in the arm recently when Woodman’s Markets made a financial contribution to the campaign.

This week Woodman’s Markets donated $10,000 to the ongoing #ActofKindnessSP capital campaign. The campaign will allow Sunshine Place to increase its capacity to help those facing hardship in Sun Prairie.

At the Sunshine Ball earlier this year, Sunshine Place announced on a plan to expand its physical footprint by securing ownership and re-purposing the residential property that borders the north side of the 18 Rickel Road building.

Specific desired results of the campaign include:

• Tripling the amount of parking for clients accessing Sunshine Place, which is located at 18 Rickel Road.

• Create a welcoming and accessible space for program expansion focusing on children, seniors and nutrition.

• Increasing security and providing safer traffic and working conditions for Sunshine Place’s volunteers, clients and surrounding neighbors.

Sunshine Place, which began its operations in 2007 when it built the largest building allowed per the lot size, has experienced increased demand for service as Sun Prairie has continued to grow as one of the fastest growing communities in Wisconsin.

Sunshine Place now offers eight programs and six social service agencies. With this growth in services, the additional space is crucial to a mission of serving those in need by increasing capacity, accessibility and safety.

In 2018, Sunshine Place estimated that 57,000 Acts of Kindness were provided to the Sun Prairie Community.

Sunshine Place is Sun Prairie’s focal point for those seeking help with food, housing, personal care items and clothing and provides access to a free legal clinic, weekly community meals, job services and much more.

The total working budget for the #ActofKindnessSP project is $1.3 million, but Mark Thompson, Campaign Co-Chair for #ActofKindnessSP, said Sunshine Place has reached the halfway point of the $1.3 million dollar fundraising goal.

“Woodman’s has always been a great partner,” Thompson said. “While Woodman’s is headquartered in Janesville, this generous donation serves as a wonderful example of an organization that has invested in our community because it’s the right thing to do.”

For more information, visit sunshineplace.org and click on #ActofKindnessSP to learn how you can help.

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