Search warrant: school youth advocate obtained nude photos of student

Michael Antonio Johnson

A Sun Prairie High School youth advocate is being accused of sexually exploiting a student he was supposed to help.

Michael Antonio Johnson, 42, of Madison, was arrested July 2, and charged with sexual exploitation of a child, use of a computer to facilitate a child sex crime, and causing a child over 13 to view/listen to sexual activity.

The 16-year-old teen told Sun Prairie Police that she first met Johnson at Sun Prairie High School in October 2018 when he pulled her out of fight she was having with another student. The teen said Johnson told her about a program that he founded, Blueprint4hope, that pays athletic fees for children who can’t afford them. School advocates are hired to resolve conflicts and mediate in situations involving students.

According to the criminal complaint filed Aug. 7, the teen told police that she became friends with Johnson and that he told her that “he was the father figure she never had in her life and he understood her and no one else ever would.”

The teen reported numerous meetings that she had alone with Johnson at the high school in which the teen said Johnson would look at her chest and bottom and make a noise similar to “mummmm, mummmm” in a deep voice. The teen said that Johnson would request that she met her in the “pods” at the school and told her that he would make sure she was not marked absent from class.

The teen told police that Johnson began to send her Facebook messenger and text messages, telling her how beautiful she was and asking her questions of a sexual nature.

The teen reported that Johnson said his wife didn’t meet his sexual needs and when she asked what she could do about that, he reportedly said: “You could do everything about that.” During one meeting at the school, the girl reported that she left the room to go to the bathroom, and Johnson found nude photos she had of herself on her phone and sent the photos to himself. The teen reported that Johnson said she had “a nice butt and good figure.” The teen told police the two would meet in person every other day and communicate via phone every two days.

Two months before the teen left high school, she reported she exchanged cell phone numbers with Johnson. He requested the teen list him as MJ and put someone else’s picture as his contact photo.

The teen said Johnson later told her to change her phone passwords and to start paying her phone bill so no one could look through her phone stating that “he didn’t want to know about their private little conversations that make him happy.” The teen reported that Johnson never asked her to touch him when they meet at the high school and continued to contact her when she transferred to another school in the district.

The teen reported that Johnson continued to text and call her making sexual references and stated that he could get drugs and alcohol for both of them to use. The teen told police that he asked her to send him nude photos of herself through Facebook messenger and she did.

The teen told police that Johnson asked her two to three times to meet him outside of school but she didn’t want to meet up with him because she assumed he wanted to have sex with her. Johnson reportedly told her “don’t ruin my family and business, don’t put me on the news and “I’m not a child predator, I just want you all to myself.”

The teen reported that she had contact with Johnson from October 2018 with the last face-to-face meeting in February 2019.

The teen’s friends reported the relationship to Prairie Phoenix Academy staff, who reported it to police on June 25.

On July 3, Sun Prairie Police obtained a search warrant for Johnson’s Madison residence and reported finding computers, flash drives, CDs, camera, 15 cell phones, and drug paraphernalia.

Sun Prairie Area School District officials said Johnson was hired as a school advocate last fall put he did not have any duties during the summer. Since the investigation, the school district has had Johnson on a “no contact/no authorization on school property” order.

Johnson was released July 5 on a $500 per case signature bond.

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