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Michael Weishar prepares a sandwich at the Subway store in Cottage Grove. Weishar purchased the location in May after managing other Subway stores in the Madison area.

When Michael Weishar closed on the Subway location on Cottage Grove Road in Cottage Grove, he was intrigued by the connection between the store’s décor and the community.

“I love the location in terms of the design inside,” Weishar said. “To me, it’s the perfect setting when you come into a town called Cottage Grove and you walk into a Subway that looks like the inside of a cottage.”

Weishar, a Sun Prairie native, closed on the location May 20. The previous owners, Duane and Kim Hubing, opened the store in 2013.

The Subway features high-rise wood ceilings, an indoor fireplace and a drive-thru. Weishar kept team members who already worked at the location.

While he has kept some aspects of the former Subway, he has also made changes to increase the speed of service. He updated signs and menus and plans to purchase a larger bain, a container to hold ingredients before preparing food.

He also added a second oven to toast multiple food items at once and implemented a “throughput” procedure. The procedure, which he adopted from previous location he has managed, places each team member in a specific spot in the line.

“(Employees) move the sandwich down the assembly line as quick as possible to get the guest in and out as quick as possible with the best quality product,” he said.

Weishar is no stranger to the restaurant industry.

“I was born and raised in Sun Prairie,” he said as a way of introducing his local ties.

After graduating from Sun Prairie High School in 2003, he worked at and managed businesses before moving to Madison at age 25. Weishar managed Marco’s Pizza in Sun Prairie on Windsor Street and Zoe’s Pizzeria in Waunakee.

“I’ve been in the Subway business for about two and a half years now,” Weishar said.

He managed Subway stores in Waunakee, Middleton and at the Capitol Square in Madison before purchasing the Cottage Grove location.

This is the first location Weishar owns, but he said he would like to purchase more in the future.

“I would definitely want to have them within the area so that way you can always share resources, whether that be food or team members,” he said.

The nearby locations would also allow him to easily visit each store.

Since purchasing the store, Weishar has joined the Cottage Grove Chamber of Commerce.

“So far everybody in the community has been really friendly,” Weishar said. “Everybody introduces themselves when they come in. I’m really happy that I bought this location.”

Weishar said that eventually, Subway will have him remodel the location, but he plans to preserve the cottage-like design.

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