Acting on a recommendation from City Economic Development Director Neil Stechschulte, the Sun Prairie City Council approved a Class “B” liquor license for The Card Table, to be located at 136 Grove St. inside the Sun Prairie Ice Arena.

The new license followed a brief exchange between Stechschulte and the council about the type of license to be granted. Using a formula set by state law, the City of Sun Prairie is allowed one more general license. Otherwise, the new business would have had to purchase a much more expense “reserve” license.

Stechschulte wrote in a memo to alders that the license “helps the facility operate as a full, sit-down restaurant, and would be consistent with the planned operations of a restaurant at this location.

“While I cannot say it is absolutely necessary for this establishment to be able to serve both liquor and beer to successfully operate, I agree the ability to serve alcoholic beverages other than beer would be a considerable asset that could impact the overall success of the proposed restaurant at this location,” Stechschulte wrote.

While recommending in his memo that The Card Table should receive a reserve license, Stechschulte said it’s the purview of the council to approve a different recommendation. Alders approved a regular license.

Applicant Anne-Marie Malkovich told Steschchulte after the meeting the business could be open as soon as Dec. 18. The Card Table replaces Willie Ty’s Eatery, which abruptly closed April 29 along with The Woods in Verona. Both were owned by Christian “Willie” Turner and Steve Turner.

Dog fees increasing

An increase in dog fees implemented by Dane County will be passed on to Sun Prairie dog licensees.

A memo from City Clerk Elena Hilby said dog licensing supports the services Dane County provides in their Animal Services Program and the care that stray, abandoned, and impounded animals get a the Dane County Humane Society (DCHS). Last year, DCHS admitted nearly 2,400 animals.

“Through the budget process, Public Health Madison and Dane County proposed and received an increase to the County Dog tax to ensure the Dane County Humane Society contract is fully funded so that the care of stray, abandoned and impounded animals is maintained,” Hilby wrote in her memo.

“An increase in the Dog Tax by Dane County has a direct impact on each municipality. The dog tax rate is being increased by $5 per license. To cover this increase, the City of Sun Prairie must also raise the fees for our dog licenses,” Hilby wrote.

As a result, Hilby recommended approving the ordinance repealing and re-creating Section 6.04.030 – Issuance of Dog and Kennel Licenses – A (3). Dog Licenses and B (1). Kennel Licenses, to reflect the fee increase.

Alders agreed and approved the increase unanimously.

City working with bank on parking lot?

Acting on a recommendation from the Community Development Authority and Stechschulte, alders approved a request for proposals (RFP) process for the properties the city recently purchased at 402 E. Main and 109/111 Vine St.

The process includes a scoring system and timeline. Stechschulte told alders that the city is attempting to secure a private developer for the parcel, and that the scoring system includes how the development will work with the downtown and the neighborhood (25%), architectural/ land use/site design quality (25%), economic and financial feasibility of the project (25%) and qualifications of the project team (experience, capabilities, resume, etc.), also 25%.

Part of the RFP includes a general statement that the city is also currently in the process of acquiring the building at 117 Columbus Street, and is working with the Bank of Sun Prairie on a potential reconstruction and expansion of the public parking lot in the 200 block of E. Main Street. “The project may also include the burying of overhead utilities in this area. This project is likely to occur in 2020 or 2021,” the RFP states.

The public parking lot located behind City Hall at 300 E. Main St. primarily serves city and Bank of Sun Prairie employees during the day, but generally has some capacity during evening hours.

“This lot is likely to be part of the recommendation for parking for any project that might occur on the site,” the RFP states.

Proposals to develop the 402 E. Main and 109/111 Vine St. parcels are due to the City of Sun Prairie by 3 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 31.

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