Christmas Tree (2019)

The City of Sun Prairie is asking homeowners to remove all lights and ornaments before disposing of their trees during the final city-sponsored tree pick-up scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2020.

Christmas trees will be collected curbside on Tuesday, Jan. 21.

All trees from residential housing, condominiums, multi-family units, schools, churches, and businesses will be included in the collection.

Follow these simple rules for holiday tree collection:

• Set trees out by 7 a.m.

• Trees should be placed curbside with the cut end facing the street for collection.

Everything should be removed from the tree, such as ornaments, lights, wires, garland, or tinsel.

• Do not bag the tree.

• Wreaths and rope materials, due to their wire content should be placed in your refuse cart for collection.

• Keep tree(s) clear of snow. Crews collect trees citywide beginning on Jan. 21 due to the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

Depending on the amount of trees out and size of crew the city has collecting trees, it could take a few days to complete tree collections. The city only travels each street once.

Also, if snow or rain falls just before scheduled pick-up dates, City of Sun Prairie Public Works crews will clear snow or ice first because they are potential safety concerns.

The City of Sun Prairie asks homeowners with trees placed at the curb to be patient and city crews will get to their trees.

Responsible for late trees

If trees are not placed out for collection by Jan. 21, residents are responsible for disposal. The City of Sun Prairie will not collect Christmas trees that are set out after Jan 21. For more information about tree collection, call the Sun Prairie Public Works Department at 608-837-3050 weekdays during regular business hours.

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