If left unchanged, the tax levy adopted Monday, Oct. 7 by Sun Prairie Area School District electors during the Annual Meeting of Electors will result in a $270 school-purpose tax increase for a median valued, $260,000 property.

Sun Prairie Area School District (SPASD) Director of Business & Finance Phil Frei said during the one-hour meeting that he thought the mill rate will change, perhaps on Oct. 15 when the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) provides updated information on equalization aid.

SPASD electors voted to adopt a school purpose tax levy of $69,058,438, which translates to a mill rate of $12.96. But electors will have on more opportunity to provide input on Monday, Oct. 28, when the Sun Prairie School Board takes final action to adopt the 2019-20 SPASD budget with revised equalized aid figures from DPI.

On Nov. 1, the School District Clerk will certify the levy and a Class I notice will be published in the Sun Prairie Star. The calendar information was provided in a 74-page 2019-20 Annual Meeting book available for electors attending the meeting.

Electors voted Sun Prairie School Board President Steve Schroeder to be the chair of the annual meeting, which also included introduction of administrators, recognition of staffers who assisted with the preparation for the Annual Meeting, as well as introduction of Sun Prairie School Board members and the district administrative team.

During the annual meeting, the audience assembled in the Performing Arts Center at Sun Prairie High School heard an update on the progress made on the SPASD strategic plan. “We’re very proud of the progress we’ve made on the Strategic Plan,” Saron said, adding that the progress made on the plan goals for the past two years is posted on the SPASD website.

Also as part of the meeting:

Electors set the annual salaries of board members to be $6,000 for the Sun Prairie School Board president and $5,000 for other board members.

• Patti Lux-Weber, the district’s Communications and Engagement Officer, reviewed the 2018-19 “Report to Our Community,” which will be arriving in district residents’ mailboxes next week. The book — copies of which were available before the electors meeting — contains stories about district staff members, a profile of Sun Prairie School Board student member Quinn Williams, photos, statistics and other information.

• As provided by state law, electors also authorized reimbursement of school board members’ travel expenses.

• Electors allowed the Sun Prairie School Board to determine the date, time and location of the 2020 Sun Prairie Area School Board Annual Meeting.

• Dave Hoekstra, district treasurer, and Frei provided a report on the district’s finances and Frei provided and overview of the proposed 2019-20 SPASD budget. Hoekstra said the annual audit will be reviewed by the Sun Prairie School Board in November and copies will be made available through the district’s website.

Frei projected an increase of 75 students during the 2019-20 school year. Those figures are consistent with projections made by the district’s consultant, Mark Roffers, and the UW Population Lab.

During his budget review, Frei noted that the district’s health insurance premiums will not increase this year, and because of self-funding, the district’s dental insurance premium will also not increase.

Consistent with other meetings on the budget leading up to the annual meeting, Frei outlined Strategic Budget Items, totaling $1.237 million, included in the 2019-20 budget:

Instructional coaches at secondary level (4.0 full time equivalents, or FTE) — $200,000.

• 4-year-old Kindergarten classroom within a school (2.0 FTE) — cost neutral.

• 1 to 1 iPads for Kindergarten through grade 2 students — $200,000.

• AVID coordinators for lower middle schools — $42,000.

• Hiring a Director of Student Policy & School Operations (1.0 FTE) — $150,000.

• Hiring a Full-Time Associate Principal at Token Springs (.5 FTE) — $55,000.

• Hiring support staff in the the SPASD Human Resources office (1.0 FTE) — $70,000.

• Expand Bounce Back Trauma Screening — $25,000.

• Implementing a Universal Elementary Social/Emotional Curriculum — $100,000.

• Madison College STEM Program — $135,000

• Assistant Director of Student Services (1.0 FTE) $140,000

• Off-Site Special Ed Program Teacher (1.0 FTE) $70,000

• Full-Time C.H. Bird Community School Coordinator (Increase of 0.5 FTE) from Fund 80 — $50,000.

Watch the SPASD annual meeting on ksun.tv or check the Cable Listings in this issue of the Sun Prairie Star for air dates and times.

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