Gear up to be a local political candidate

December is the start of the local political season with candidates getting ready for the spring general election on Tuesday, April 7.

Prospective City of Sun Prairie candidates for the 2020 spring election can look forward to higher compensation and childcare when they attend city meetings.

The perks, approved as part of the 2020 city budget, are hoping to entice more people to run for political office.

December is the start of the local political season with candidates getting ready for the spring general election on Tuesday, April 7.

The nation may have its eye on the 2020 presidential election but local elections are just important, with elected officials having the power to raise taxes and impact the everyday life of Sun Prairie residents.

Candidates have until Tuesday, Jan. 7 to file candidacy papers with their local municipalities.

City of Sun Prairie

There are four City of Sun Prairie Council seats up—District 1, 2, 3, 4 — for election this spring.

District 1 incumbent Steve Stocker and District 4 incumbent Mary Polenske are seeking another term. As of press time, District 2 incumbent Theresa Stevens and District 3 incumbent Maureen Crombie have not yet filed papers with the city.

Prospective candidates can call the City of Sun Prairie clerk’s office to get more information on how to run for office and can even watch a how-to video on the city website

There’s also a 54-page “How to run for public office” packet that provides detailed info on what prospective candidates can expect.

Candidates need to be U.S. citizens, at least 18 years old, and not be disqualified as an elector.

Terms are for two-years and city council members get paid $6,962. City alders are also eligible for child care while at city meetings. The initiative is expected to start by mid-year.

Town of Sun Prairie

No elections. Town board seats are elected in odd-numbered years.

Town of Burke

Town Board Supervisor 4 and 5 seats are up for election.

Town of Bristol

No elections. All three town board seats are elected in odd-numbered years.

Sun Prairie Area School District

Two board seats are up for election this spring, held by incumbents Tom Weber and Carol Sue Albright. As of press time, no candidates have filed papers with the district.

The school board terms are for three years, beginning on April 27, 2020. Board members receive $5,000 a year compensation, the board president gets $6,000.

Deadline for submitting Campaign Registration Statement, Declaration of Candidacy and Nomination Papers for Nonpartisan Office is Jan. 7.

2020 Election Schedule

The spring primary election, if required, is set for Tuesday, Feb. 18, with the spring election scheduled to take place on Tuesday, April 7. The fall primary election, if required, will take place on Tuesday, Aug. 11, with the general election on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

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