Despite opposition from one alder, a proposal to develop a new 160-unit apartment complex just west of Cabela’s in Prairie Lakes received an approval recommendation vote Jan. 14 from the Sun Prairie Plan Commission.

District 3 Alder Maureen Crombie said she’s received phone calls and emails from constituents who are opposed to the project. Citing traffic congestion already in the area, Crombie said she was not a fan of the apartment development.

FC Land is proposing to develop a two-building, 160-unit multi-family residential development with underground parking at 2965 Hoepker Road. The complex appears similar in design and scale to other FC Land apartment complexes including The Abbey, located just behind Palace Cinema in Prairie Lakes, as well as Iron Gate located just off Ironwood Drive.

City Planner Sarah Sauer said in her report the 2.7 acre parcel is located between Cabela’s and the Burke Cemetery, but south of the Costco gas station.

The proposed development includes two, four-story multi-family buildings with both underground and surface parking and will consist of a mix of efficiencies, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units. A commons/clubhouse with outdoor pool separate the two residential buildings. The building exterior will consist of a mix of brick, precast siding and composite trim.

Primary access to the site will be from a shared driveway easement with Cabela’s off Hoepker Road. A second limited access drive for underground parking for the north building is also proposed off Hoepker Road. Access to the underground parking for the south building is provided onsite. Sanitary and water laterals are currently stubbed to serve the site.

But Crombie remained steadfast in her opposition, citing already congested traffic in the area.

Community Development Director Scott Kugler pointed out the apartment complex would generate far less traffic than a Walgreens, an auto parts retailer or a convenience store. He also said the city planned for some development there when Tax Increment Finance (TIF) 9 was settled.

Kugler said the city is undertaking a traffic congestion study in the Prairie Lakes area. He also said it was predicted that Prairie Lakes Drive would be a congested street when the street was constructed.

“The hope is we’ll be able to ease some of that [congestion] with the study,” Kugler said.

“I’m just listening to my constituents,” Crombie said. She said she will talk with those people about the new information concerning the traffic study.

“I just cannot imagine this as being a 160-unit, multi-family apartments,” Crombie said. “I’m getting a lot of negative comments.”

Commissioners disagreed, voting 7-1, with one commissioner absent, to recommend city council approval of the general development plan.

Habitat preliminary plat backed

Acting on a city planning staff recommendation, the commission voted 6-1 to recommend council approval of the Town Hall Development — Habitat for Humanity.

The development, if approved by the council, will create 118 single family lots and seven outlots located on approximately 47.2 acres of land located at the northwest corner of Town Hall Road and East Main Street.

City Planner Phil Gritzmacher Jr. recommended conditional approval of the plan, which will be located on lands located near the northwest corner of Town Hall Drive and East Main Street/Highway19, on the north side of the railroad tracks. The application follows the submittals of an approved concept plan and general development plan (GDP) for the same lands.

Park 151 proposal recommended

Acting on a recommendation from city planning staff, the commission voted to recommend final council approval of a Preliminary and Final Plat of Park 151 West that will re-divide approximately 60 acres of land located along Innovation Way and west of Reiner Road to create four light industrial/office lots and two outlots.

A report from City Planning Director Tim Semmann said the plat will redivide the existing lots into four light industrial/office lots and two outlots.

The newly created outlot adjacent to Highway 151 will be retained by the applicant for the purpose of open space. The other outlot – located adjacent to Reiner Road – will be dedicated to the city for open space and stormwater purposes.

Pumpkin Patch set for consideration

The Pumpkin Patch Retail Development will be part of the Feb. 11 Sun Prairie Plan Commission agenda. The Pumpkin Patch development, to be located on the Schneider property along Thompson Road, includes a proposed Meijer store and Meijer convenience store, as well as other commercial parcels and storm water detention ponds.

Other scheduled agenda items include the precise implementation plan for the Town Hall Development by Habitat for Humanity and a conditional use permit and a certified survey map (CSM) for Sun Prairie West High School, to be submitted by the Sun Prairie Area School District.

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