Sun Prairie United Methodist Church

Sun Prairie United Methodist Church is located at 702 North St., near Northside Elementary School.

At the Sept. 17 Sun Prairie City Council meeting, alders approved the Sun Prairie City Clerk’s Office plan to expand the city’s polling locations from four to eight. In addition to looking for four new polling locations, the city also needed to find a replacement location for Patrick Marsh Middle School. Many types of facilities were considered, including churches, non-profit and for-profit businesses, publicly owned buildings, and privately owned buildings. The Clerk’s Office reached out to each location to explore their interest and to determine if their facility would meet the criteria to serve as a polling location.

Considerations were:

• Capacity;

• ADA accessibility;

• Square footage;

• Location;

• Parking;

• Locked storage space;

• Tables/chairs for use;

• Layout/voter flow;

• Long term commitment;

• Cost;

• Scheduling conflicts;

• Access to facility for multiple days per election.

After reviewing the criteria, some locations determined that their facility was not best suited to be a polling place. The Clerk’s Office conducted 16 site visits throughout the summer which resulted in seven of the potential facilities agreeing to serve as polling locations.

After thorough comparison and analysis, the Clerk’s Office identified the five facilities that best met the city’s needs. The new polling location plan is listed below.

DISTRICT #1 -- Colonial Club, 301 Blankenheim Lane; The Faith Place Church, 211 E. Linnerud Drive.

DISTRICT #2 -- Heartland Church, 800 Wilburn Road; United Methodist Church, 702 North St.

DISTRICT #3 -- Sun Prairie Public Library, 1350 Linnerud Drive; Living Water Church, 3075 Prospect Drive.

DISTRICT #4 -- Westside Community Service Building, 2598 W. Main St.; Focus Church, 411 N. Thompson Road.

All Sun Prairie registered voters will be notified by postcard of their polling location. Additionally, residents will be able to check their polling location using in the near future.

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