Ismael Ozanne

Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne has announced his intent to seek reelection.

Ismael Ozanne has announced his campaign for re-election for Dane County District Attorney.

“I understand what it means to keep Wisconsin safe. It doesn’t mean locking people up for as long as you can. What it means is making sure you afford people the ability to change," Ozanne said.

"And from the DA’s Office you have an ability to give incentive, you have an ability to give encouragement, you have an ability to use your judgement to keep somebody from behind bars," Ozanne added. "And the people of the State of Wisconsin and of Dane County are looking for prosecutorial judgement. That judgement comes with experience, it comes with dedication, and it comes with care for your community, and I have all of those.”

Ozanne explained he believes in being "smart on crime."

“Since 2010, I have led the second largest county, handling tens of thousands of cases per year. In addition to ensuring individuals committing serious crimes in our community are held accountable, I also believe in being smart on crime. In Dane County we have expanded treatment courts increasing our capacity to address the opiate crises by adding to our Drug Courts' capacity and developing an opiate program in our Deferred Prosecution Unit.

Ozanne said OWI Court and Veteran's Court have been created to address the root causes which bring individuals to the criminal justice system.

"I created the 'No Hit Zone' campaign in Dane County, which works to educate and help parents avoid corporal punishment for sound behavior-modifying techniques," Ozanne said. "My office has run a public service announcement (PSA) asking the community to join my wife Stacy and I in the choice to not use physical discipline with our kids and commit to positive parenting practices along with educating parents and the community about early brain development and the risks of physical discipline, noting the seeds of violence can be planted in the first five years of life with lifelong adverse outcomes."

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