Incumbent District 2 Alder Theresa Stevens has announced she will seek re-election.

The spring election will be on April 7, 2020. Stevens has served as a District 2 Alder since April 2018.

“Serving on City Council is an opportunity to help shape a positive future for us all, and I am looking forward to continuing that work for another two years,” Stevens said in a press release announcing her reelection campaign. “Our community has gone through a lot in the last two years. As I look to continue to rebuild and strengthen our downtown, emergency services, parks, city streets, buildings, and services, it has to be done carefully and with the involvement of our many dedicated community members.”

Stevens initiated a review of policies and procedures related to work in public roads and right-of-way and worked with committee members and staff to update permitting processes after the July 10, 2018 natural gas explosion in downtown Sun Prairie.

She also supported the Westside Community Building expansion as well as the addition of five full-time firefighters to that location, while limiting the city tax levy increase to only 1.8%.

“I am proud of the work accomplished in this term, since April 2018, including extending the library hours on Fridays and Sundays, initiating a new neighborhood association program, and supporting the expansion of Sunshine Place.”

In her previous campaign, Stevens deferred all campaign contributions to benefit the city and a new piece of playground equipment was donated to Wetmore Park.

“I’m looking forward to running another self-funded campaign and donating all of the generous contributions!”

In addition to the Committee of the Whole and Common Council, Stevens has served on the Plan Commission, Public Safety Committee, History Museum and Library Board, Sun Prairie Media Center Commission, Comprehensive Plan Committee, and as Chair of the Finance Committee.

Additionally, she continues to serve as a Girl Scout troop leader, recently became a member of the anti-bullying collaborative, and supports the Sun Prairie Farmers Market.

“I continue to meet devoted and enthusiastic community members every day on this job, and we share in that we want the absolute best for our community,” Stevens added. “I am adapting our city to the future while preserving Sun Prairie’s valued history and traditions.”

In the recent polling place realignments, District 2 has been split with wards 6, 7, 23, 27 voting at Heartland Church and wards 8 and 9 voting at Sun Prairie United Methodist Church.

To learn more about Stevens and where to vote, visit

More information about City of Sun Prairie aldermanic offices available for the spring election is available weekdays during regular business hours through the Sun Prairie City Clerk’s Office at 608-837-2511.

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Arthur VanDelay

Isn't she co-author of the babysitting bill? As you all open your tax bills this month, remember, she's one of the "progressives" you have to thank.

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