Sacred Hearts will now be able to embark on Phase I of its campus plan with a 24,000 sq. ft. addition to Sacred Hearts School, thanks to action taken Tuesday, June 4 by the Sun Prairie City Council.

Acting on a recommendation from the Sun Prairie Plan Commission, alders unanimously approved a General Development Plan (GDP) to create a long term, multi-phase master plan, and a Precise Implementation Plan (PIP) to implement the first phase of the plan — the construction of a 24,000 sq. ft., two-story addition to the existing school at 227 Columbus Street.

Construction of the first phase would begin in late summer or early fall of 2019 with a target opening for the fall 2020 academic year.

The full build-out, anticipated to occur in 2050, will result in the relocation of the existing gym and school that will be oriented along Vine Street. A pick-up and drop-off area will be located on the east side of the site – accessed from Vine Street.

Materials submitted to the city indicate that part of the plan is predicated on fundraising. Pre-kindergarten and daycare children would be moved from their existing site, approximately one block north of the existing school into the new addition. However, the lower level buildout in the proposed addition is an option as part of the first phase, but is dependent on fundraising.

If the option is not acted upon, the existing ‘house’ property where the pre-K and daycare uses exists (also on Columbus Street) will continue as they are currently configured and used. If funding is successful and the lower level buildout occurs, the existing ‘house’ property north of Vine Street will be used for some before/after school functions and summer school activities. No additions or alterations to this building are anticipated, or requested at this time.

Car wash OK’d

Also acting on a recommendation from the plan commission, alders approved a new automated car wash to be constructed at 385 S. Grand Ave., near Blue Aster Boulevard, as part of its consent agenda.

Splash Tunnel Wash, a 4,500 square foot automated tunnel car cash facility, will be equipped with vacuum stations, electronic payment machines, and a small parking area for employees and service vehicles. The lot, which is located directly west of Menards, is currently vacant.

Forty percent of the existing area of the property contains a stormwater basin, which is located along the southern portion of the site.

According to materials submitted to the city, access to the car wash tunnel will be through a drive aisle located along the north side of the site. This aisle will provide storage for up to 14 cars while they wait to access the payment and car wash selection machines.

The facility will have three of those machines; which will accommodate the same amount of cars at any given time.

Primary access to the site will be through the same access to Menards – directly north of Spring Street. Access to the site is not allowed on both Blue Aster Boulevard and South Grand Avenue.

The building will consist of beige brick masonry and manufactured stone parapets with a stone masonry base.

After the meeting, officials with the car wash said they hope to begin construction immediately in anticipation of being open in December.

Royle expansion approved

Acting on a plan commission recommendation, alders approved a 60,000 sq. ft. expansion for Royle Printing in the Sun Prairie Business Park.

The 60,000 sq. ft. building expansion will be added to an existing 60,000 square foot manufacturing building with site improvements for Royle Printing’s facility located at 1750 Success Way in the Sun Prairie Business Park. The proposed expansion is the second phase of multiple anticipated expansions. The exterior of the building will consist of architectural wall paneling and accent bands to reflect the existing building architecture. Access to the site is currently located off Success Way.

Krug retires

Mayor Paul Esser presented retiring Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWRP) Superintendent John Krug with a certificate and gift in honor of his 38 years with the City of Sun Prairie.

Krug addressed the council and thanked the city for taking a chance on “a 28-year-old kid” as a superintendent.

He also thanked his staffers — current and former — for making his job easier and enjoyable (see his remarks online at in the Videos section).

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