The city will rebid a project to renovate the Sun Prairie Police Department restrooms after only getting one bid that came in $15,217 over budget.

Madison-based Bachman Construction was the sole company that submitted an $80,217 bid on the project.

City officials budgeted $65,000 for the project that would replace the floor, wall finishes, add new vanities and partitions and upgrade to LED lighting fixtures.

Two other companies toured the site and showed interest but didn’t submit a bid. Director of Public Services Adam Schleicher said he wasn’t sure why but the extra security of the police department work site and other projects might have kept them away.

Bryant Stempski, a Public Works Committee citizen member, asked for the rebid after Jan. 1 to see if the city could get lower bids. Other committee members thought that was a good idea.

“I don’t know if this rebid is going to get us anywhere but it will demonstrate that we are making an extra effort,” City Council President and District 2 Alder Bill Connors said at the Nov. 12 Public Works Committee meeting,

When questioned by city alders, Schleicher said there was no urgency to do the remodeling project and the restroom was in working order.

In May, city alders approved a $105,000 bid to remodel the Sun Prairie Municipal Building first-floor restrooms. That project had six bidders with costs coming in $51,000 over budget. City officials attributed the higher costs to a change in the project’s scope.

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