Sue Kelly and Mike Peters

WPPI Energy's Mike Peters (right), with APPA President and CEO Sue Kelly, was recently elected to the APPA Board of Directors.

Mike Peters, president and chief executive officer of WPPI Energy, will help lead the way for more than 2,000 public power utilities nationwide. On June 11, Peters was elected to a three-year term on the board of directors for the American Public Power Association (APPA).

The purpose of the APPA is, “to promote public power, helping community-owned utilities deliver superior services through joint advocacy, education and collaboration. Its vision is to shape the future of public power to drive a new era of community-owned electric service.” The new role is expected to be a natural fit for Peters, who has worked with and for locally owned, not-for-profit electric utilities for over three decades.

Trained as an attorney, Peters has advocated on behalf of utilities and their customers on issues such as utility restructuring and customer choice, climate change policy and action, and other critical issues affecting the utility industry at the state and national level.

Peters will use his new position to collaborate with locally owned utilities nationwide, working together as the world continues to advance technology and modernize the way power is created and distributed.

“I feel both honored and fortunate to have a voice at the APPA table, especially at this crucial time in the history of both public power and the electric industry,” said Peters. “I look forward to using this opportunity to join forces with my peers in protecting the interests of local electric customers and their communities.”

Headquartered in the Sun Prairie Business Park, WPPI Energy provides wholesale electric power supply, services and advocacy for 51 locally owned, not-for-profit utilities in Wisconsin, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and Iowa. Together, WPPI Energy member utilities provide reliable, affordable electricity to more than 200,000 homes and businesses.

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