Sun Prairie residents won’t be able to take excess recyclables to the city recycling center after the initiative was voted down by the Public Works Committee this week.

The proposed plan would have set up eight-yard dumpsters for extra glass, plastics, paper and other recyclables that currently aren’t accepted at the S. Bird Street facility.

City of Sun Prairie Public Works Director Lee Igl said the city council requested staff look into the option but he didn’t recommend going that route because of the $25,000-plus price tag. He pointed out that residents already have other options—they can purchase another bin, or put out extra recyclables in clear, plastic bags at no additional cost.

Earlier this year, alders voted down a weekly recycling pick-up proposal that would have increased rates by at least $30 a year for the service. Costs and questions of need derailed that plan.

Thomas Drive parking restrictions backed

More than 70 people who signed a petition to restrict parking on Thomas Drive could get their wish soon.

Colonial View Apartment residents say vehicles parked near the crosswalk and driveway create a sightline safety hazard for motorists pulling out of the facility.

Parking would be restricted 62 feet to the west of the driveway and 20 feet to the east. If the city council approves the ordinance change, curbs would be painted yellow to alert motorists of the new parking restrictions.

Getting ready for bus service

In advance of the Aug. 22 Metro bus service launch, the city is prohibiting parking at bus stops and in designated bike lanes. The ordinance change was approved by the Public Works Committee this week.

The committee also OK’d the installation of bus stop board pads along the Metro route.

In July, Metro staff recommended the concrete slabs for wheelchair accessibility, and for putting in benches and trash receptacles in the future.

Igl estimated the cost between $4,000-$8,800, depending on if city staff can do some of the work. Igl said he budgeted for the 11 highest priority stops— suggesting more bus stop pads could be funded in the 2020 city budget.

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